These Team Is Insane, Trying To Improve (live) Share Tips And Tricks

This atmosphere all right we still won anyway the most important thing up there I said I was gonna leave after that match and I am a Super Saiyan – I am NOT rematching you again no I’m sick.

Of fighting Rolly Rolly cooler damn probably and cooling whoo I can find one of them I can usually kill one of them but like damn both of them when you have two of them like I don’t know how to fight neither of them so it’s just like it’s.

Just like damn I got a I got.

A just sort of trying I’ll play him as far as I can which I’m not the best don’t forget that.

– I am NOT near the best and I got a outplayed two characters really bad and completely not knowing about him enough all I know is cooler.

Has a cooler house what’s a call cooler has that counter for an ultimate annoying shit bro Lee has that command grab what’s annoying issue super I ran another thing annoying is shit about me I do have bar.

Talking with jido I feel like he didn’t know how to fight Vegeta because.

I feel like when I ever I pulled on Vegeta this was like I fucking I wasn’t even close not pulled in Vegeta nice even with jido a lot of time if.

I messed up it become closer but like when I was actually fighting him and like when I was doing good as Tim look forward to making all mistakes of actually like.

Gone for double like double down hips whatever he wasn’t yeah he was falling for a lot but he did really beat me when.

I am he was doing really good against me when I was.

Using he was doing guys they’re not a fast characters he’s alright though he’s better than most of Super Saiyan 2 so most on the winning I went that far I think that was I think was first-degree if I’m pretty sure that’s for something that’s precious tree I hope that’s first two because I’ll be scumbag alright so right here I got a victory defeat victory victory.

Victory yeah there we go yeah that was that was first two three okay yeah that’s right I saw make sure Super Saiyan 2 looks nice so substantives all right got my yellow name and everything and see if I can get it orange Jim I think this might be the game this might be the game I get orange name that’s my beer.

There just got win one these matches and hope you don’t rank down I’m sick of being a stupid Android put.

Up about a hundred thousand beat Peter Stringfellow let’s say the name we should say the name so I knew not to fight the same dude twice that’d be nice so you can make sure our op sixteen and seventeen nice I really mind.

Fighting sixteen too much unless I get like let’s like it grabbed and get one hit it which is completely fair.

And come and grab like three hundred times but like seventeen on I still know how fight seventeen Barris is whatever seriously depends how good they’re but usually barristers spend a lot.

Allens of beers weakly I this range.

Is absurd it’s so absurd in products brain substr to black the brain just fucking retarded by so great how’s the fighting he how is he fighting me but I don’t get to see food at the office III decisive be nice on – nice like it to come back I’ve been nice like you get to come back okay.

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