Modesty Is Not Just For Girls! (part One)

What does it mean to be modest and what clothes can I wear this was such a frustrating thing for me as I reverted to the faith and I wanted to be living my faith more fully but it was a little ambiguous skirts no skirts tank tops no tank tops bikinis no bikini floor was so frustrating and what is.

Modesty anyway so this video is for those of you who really want to unpack that and it’s not.

Just for girls I’ve got some nuggets in here for guys too so stay tuned welcome especially all you newbies thank you for happenin over my name is Lauren for those of.

You who are new and here at the crunchy Catholics we like to cultivate the pure and the true so if that’s something that you want to do go ahead and click Subscribe join our crew and hit that Bell notification icon to modesty modesty that term had to grow on me cuz when I heard it originally when I was kind of newer to living out my faith it was like modesty drag boring ugly but.

It’s not it’s a lot more than that in this video I’m gonna give you several parts the first part we’re gonna talk theology we’re gonna get into.

Modesty means we’re gonna talk over the topic and you’re not even gonna realize we’re still talking about modesty and then in part two I’m gonna go ahead and get into the application of it what can I wear what can’t I wear and finally number three I’m gonna give you a little bit about my.

Modesty journey where I’ve come where I’m at now.

And I’m gonna end this with a rant all right let’s hop right to this let’s start getting into the nitty-gritty about modesty part one and we’re.
What the Catechism says about modesty and hang on we will get there but.

Prerequisite things before we can really jump right into modesty and you’re gonna have to be patient with me I have notes on this because it is pretty dense.

We’re gonna start by defining concupiscence if I’m saying that wrong I’d apologize but I believe it’s pronounced concupiscence and concupiscence is.

The intense form of human desire okay and while cute concupiscence is not a sin in and of itself concupiscence is the movement of the sensitive appetite in contradiction to the will it’s those things that we really want really bad and we know we shouldn’t have it so from the heart can come evil desires like murder and adultery and fornication and this is what we define as concupiscence those types of like carnal desires that we know are wrong and you.

Shouldn’t do to struggle against this we must purify our heart and practice temperance so purifying your heart purity let’s define that to be pure of heart is those who’ve atoned their intellects and.

Their wills to the demands of God’s holiness mainly.

To be talking about the second area today in regards to modesty but in.

Of heart these three areas are charity chastity and love.

Of truth I love this because it connects the mind body spirit or heart body spirit the heart being charity you’re serving others and the body being chastity and love of truth being your spiritual connection with.

Your Creator so to be pure of heart you need to have that heart body spirit in tuned with the will of God got it purity requires modesty so that second area the body chastity to be pure you must have modesty it is a part of temperance temperance is moderation and the Wills mastery over the desires I want that but I choose to do this instead modesty protects the inmost center of the person I’m going to be reading straight from the Catechism right here because this.

Says it so well modesty protects the mystery of persons and their love it encourages patience and moderation and loving relationships it requires that the condition for the definitive giving and commitment of man and woman to one another be fulfilled modesty is decency in other words we.

Have to wait till everything is ordered as.

God wants it in order to show our intimate center to in theory our spouses if we’re called to married life modesty inspires one’s choice and clothing it keeps silence or.

Reserve where there is evident risk of unhealthy curiosity it is discreet so essentially modesty is part of your heart spirit connection to God modesty is about you modesty is about unifying your will and tempering your desires and connecting that with God’s plan for your life and you’re gonna use your judgment within the lens of God’s plan to decide each situation what the modest choice would be yes this involves our clothes but no it is.

Not limited to our clothes it’s our words it’s our actions it’s our decisions about where we go and what we do so this is why modesty is not just for women it’s not just about slapping on a skirt or slapping on a turtleneck and check we are modest absolutely it it is.

So much more than that modesty is not a skirt modesty is not a turtleneck modesty is ordering your.

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