New Mac Mini (2018) Preview

Apples holding another event there’s more in the making in Brooklyn New York on October 30th 2018 I’ve already posted a full preview on that there may or may not be a new iPad pro at the event I’ve already posted a full preview on that as well and there may or may not be a new MacBook Air to go.
Along with it and I’ve you’ve guessed it.

Posted a full preview on that as well a few Mac.

Spec bumps aside that just leaves us with one major update to cover the.

New Mac Mini I’m Rene Richey welcome back to vector so great to have you here let’s do a full preview on that right now it’s called the Mac Mini we think people understood the iPod mini and we think they’re gonna.

Understand the Mac Mini just as well it’s a new member of the Mac family and this is what it looks like the Mac Mini was the original switcher machine it was announced.

Back in 2005 as a small inexpensive way for you to swap out a windows pc for a mac bring your own mouse keyboard and display and you were all good to go back then it had a PowerPC g4.

Processor and megabytes yes megabytes of RAM over the years the Mac Mini got its fair share of design inspect updates culminating in 2012 a lot of our customers actually like to get it as a server to run OS 10 applications for server uses and so we have a 2.3 gigahertz quad-core i7 4 gigs of memory and 2 1 terabyte hard drives you know in OS.
10 server applications pre-loaded.
99 that’s because over time the Mac Mini customer had changed switchers became switched and Mac minis became the darling of developers server rooms and centers media centers and producers and more then 2014 came around and when Apple revved the Mac Mini it acts the quad-core version and the two terabyte option then in 2016 nothing and in.

2017 still nothing in the last four years apple has released the new 12 inch macbook the new touch bar.

Macbook pro the new retina 5k iMac the new iMac pro and has even announced a new non thermally cornered mac pro for 2019 along with a new pro display but the Mac Mini nothing.

And more nothing until maybe.

Now rumor has it will see a new one this year this very fall and if accurate it will not only mark the return of the Mac.

Mini but of the Pro Mini as well in April of 2017 Apple invited a very small group of media to Cupertino to talk about that new Mac Pro while they wouldn’t say anything specific about the Mini senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller did say the Mac Mini is an important product in our lineup.

And we weren’t bringing it up because it’s more of a mix of consumer with.

Some pro use the Mac Mini remains a product in our lineup but nothing more to say about it today Pike’s Universum the very next day the next Mac Mini.

Won’t be so many anymore well the top model that is that was alongside a rumor about Xeon iMac ahead of the iMac pro announcement so take it for what it’s worth more on the top model.

In a moment WWDC 2017 came and went with new MacBooks MacBooks pro and imax but not so much as a word about the Mac Mini not until October of 2017 when Apple.

CEO Tim Cook responded to an email saying I’m glad you love the Mac Mini we love it too our customers have found so many creative and interesting uses for.

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