New Mac Mini (2018) Preview

Mac Mini while it’s not the time to share any details we do plan for Mac community to be an important part of our product line going.

Forward quo Vinci July of this year via MacRumors quote didn’t have a lot of information to share on the Mac Mini but.

He says a processor upgrade is expected the processor should be Intel’s eighth generation Coffee Lake Intel did just announced ninth generation.

Coffee Lake Refresh chips yet another optimization cycle placeholder as it still struggles to get his 10 nanometer cannon Lake architecture into the wild something that’s taking what feels like as long as the Mac Mini.

To update Intel announcing chips and Intel shipping the exact versions of those chips that Apple needs for the exact max it wants to put out are very different things though but given the four-year gap between updates any update any coffee lake.

Is far far better than it has well architecture the Mac minis have been stuck with and.

We’ve been paying full price for to date mark gurmann writing for Bloomberg back in August Apple is also planning the first upgrade to the Mac Mini in about four years it’s a Mac desktop.

That doesn’t include a screen keyboard or mouse in the box and costs.

$500 the computer has been favored because of its low price and it’s popular with app developers those running home media centers.

And server farm managers for this year’s model Apple is focusing primarily on these pro users and new storage and.

Processor options are likely to make it more expensive than previous versions.

The people said those being the people always familiar with everything though Schiller had said consumers with some Pro users a focus on pros.

Make sense for several reasons again the original Mac Mini customer doesn’t really exist anymore new mainstream customers don’t want old desktop boxes they want notebooks you know with built-in displays and trackpads that’s why Mac books outsell Mac desktops to the extreme and why I max out sell all other.

Mac desktops also to the extreme but that does open the way for new customers.

Including the Afro mentioned pros who value small headless Macs for all sorts of tasks at home and at the office it also fits in with Apple’s new focus as.

IOS and iPad continues to eat the mass-market Apple has been amping up on the Mac for pros that includes the new MacBooks pro I’m heck pro and the upcoming Mac Pro and the new pro team that brings together audio video photography and other hardcore heavy duty real world producers and creators right into the design process mark Berman.

Again in September for the first time in more than four years Apple is getting ready to update its Mac Mini computer a desktop that doesn’t come with a screen mouse or keyboard this time around it will focus on graphic designers and other professional users who have been asking for new Macs that meet their more demanding needs but aside from that it is coming and that it will be focused more on prose or prose will at least be in.

Focus not much else has been rumored about the new Mac Mini will it be a redesign or the same casing with new internals if not will the new design be more Pro friendly for.

Example more easily rack-mounted will it have a t2 chip like the iMac Pro and the latest MacBook Pro so it gets secure boot hardware accelerated encryption and all the latest controller architecture it’ll certainly have USB C / Thunderbolt 3 ports.

At this point but like MacBook Pro.

Is that all it’ll have or like iMac pro will also have legacy USBA ports Ethernet ports and will it have an HDMI port like all good Mac minis should well there finally be a new Apple keyboard for all desktop Mac’s that includes touch ID if not full-blown touch bar will the continued Canon Lake delays finally get Apple to ditch Intel forearm wait no wrong will it come in Space Gray will it get anywhere near that 32 gigabytes and 4 terabyte.

Options the new MacBooks Pro enjoy well Apple still have a new Mac Mini for those new to the Mac or will that spot solely belong to the new MacBook Air replacement I have so many questions and all of us will have to wait for Apple’s event to find.

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