Fun Baby Girls Care Kids Game – Sweet Baby Girl Tooth Fairy – Fairyland Helper & Teeth Cleaning Fun

Sweet baby girls to bury hi my name is teeny blue I am mrs.
twinkle come back every day and collect your daily payments turn on the magic mirror and let’s see if Katy brushes her teeth correctly first apply some water click on it let’s put it under the pillow now let’s wait for the Tooth Fairy to come it.

Lou help me plant a magic tooth tree first let’s dig a hole let Katie’s tooth now covered with soil and don’t forget to water it now let’s wait a while good job.

Our magic trees very beautiful click on the plaza magic happens now collect all the jewel coins in your piggy bank so much now I have enough money for all chip help me make toothpaste first we need some baking soda now add some water please let’s make it a mint flavor right now put on the cat let’s make the.

Tooth design you can mix the colors great now pack it for shipping don’t forget the tape almost done now color the box decorate it the way you like your toothpaste is ready for delivery let’s take care of my skin first open it up Lamia.

Flames newcomers for some freshness wait for a few minutes take off the cucumber slices it’s time to wipe off the face bus great now let’s do my makeup first we need the foundations much better now the powder add some blush it’s time for lipstick I shadow is the most important part of eye makeup.

Apply the eyeliner please open it some mascara for its awesome loot and finally fill in my eyebrows good job my makeup looks perfect thank you.

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