Frankie Drake Mysteries | Season 2 Episode 5 "emancipation Day"

You go play now but you’re you’re pretty thinking with that already I liked AC but the book turn to burst before those.

Sun strike oh we heard that is the third time you’ve been.

Wrong now but there’s so many lizard eyes there the trowel isn’t.

It right yeah the TRO is that one you can feel confident.

About it you could model is easy man then I feel they’ll be engaging here pretty sure by the cloud that’s gonna leave I want to pubs here already with Ricky awfully yeah and I actually lost 10 pubs before that okay I think I won’t one and.

Then I lost 10 pubs and I went three hit-making also yeah the face shaped I’m still gonna get stand up now and shackled that’s a neck roll it’s unfortunate now art easy in Salvage mode is dead forever they can get roche ended like hundred seven seconds no you have to when you get by Nicole yeah when he gets when he gets to this point that you’re playing draw in why ever instead but.

He buys back instantly they’re gonna try to hold this it’s gonna be a three on five why is running into D Ward that was ambitious not for certain he was gonna die there but tornado yeah he’s gonna die tonight there they might.

Even die in the brood doesn’t have split up but now they’re just running forward doesn’t see a.

Bolt into the fear anybody gonna die the necro goes down they’re actually doing it right now but Abed running in that’s that’s a really good play by universe like he knows it doesn’t have molten it he just like okay.

I’ll jump in and set up the fight they just call him.

He has like 2 K 2 K HP evasion and the magic resistance who just probably won the fight pretty president so even though he.

Dies he’s like this is a good seller yes yes what a ball back they want to fight this roach they’re gonna fight it with Bach you can get some some strong kills and then do nothing as well the goal goes into your pocket and ends like you just feed it away basically I can see a lot it’s got some power.

To come online the vitiation Dodgers the shackleshot wouldn’t hit anyway sunstrike looks like pi is actually gonna live and this spend is not a target look at that necro is in he is gone the instant heritage dude envy gets tipped so much he deserves the tip people I think who.

Is your guys’s favorite person to try to tilt with tips because I know you guys are notorious tippers I think BPD for the first name is a good because if M is a good one this seems to be like sunstrike envy and PPD pretty much.

To do it to my players it’s not a bad start both teams buying back for five on five so far how.

Do I keep this decayed right now with a willow actually gonna use himself I see Kagan opposed BKB that’ll be a dead puck nineteen cyclist Ian bolts in the middle of everything but not really gonna hit too.

Much the drugs and the bruise just taking up everything sunstrike gonna get laid out does connect but not nearly enough damage split bulgur went for the Hail Mary they did not one well who’s.

Gonna live that’s why I gonna get chased down here has the glimmer cape but he’s so slow this does indeed not look good for EEG just pray they never come there keep pushing.