Frankie Drake Mysteries | Season 2 Episode 5 "emancipation Day"

All the way it seems like females still wants to try to take fights with this team that’s we’re free yeah so it’s hard for me to take you seriously and sometimes like he knows he’s wrong you know yeah he just makes up his point so doesn’t care hope you’re gonna die once again Hobbit is so.

Strong at this point it’s an unbelievable amount of farm crit gonna face shift out of there should probably still die though I’ve been picking up another kill you remember that V no game today yeah I was like I told him did ya that’s probably the best scenario though I think by the way sumail had a hurricane Pike lined up I’m not mistaken as RTZ gonna get caught out here Abed has the stun available silence as well that’s BKB he actually almost got a bunch at how does inspection its if.

His team just ditched him everyone died again no yeah he’s blaming pops his own mules just beat the ores in here cheapy up it is now beyond godlike still.

Has yet to die in this game that space for flight to get words or maybe he’s just gonna die again or cheesy is he looking for yep I finds him where’s the follow-up he P not to be anything keep coming back with envy.

Keeping oh here’s all T news what was that we going there he knows that the droves trying to split push hey he has no buyback there waiting right now do you go for a share of the top lane looking for right now Abed gets a stun off okay finally semilla is definitely.

Dead here stay loose for here I think you’re.

Forced by me that’s a leash yeah you go I don’t hear.

I like I think Kiki’s got his blood or Noel’s it’s going to it comes in yeah well he’s got it he’s taking the agus doesn’t get the cheese that’s gonna go to hop it but well worth it anyways crit getting chased down nuke is gonna touch him so should not be able to get out here but it’s.

Your life for the agus people are now responding cries back himself.

DJs kind of waiting in the corner here is env walking toward DJ dice to s4 and that.

Might actually just prompt a fanatic.

To back up actually exactly clockwork and he.

His team was dead and when he pulled away yeah he pulled away Vania Locker as I they do this placement they did they’re both like really good I find her cheesy then they know they were smoked had no Manta that’s again he’s going he.

Went hacks I think he should have been Pacey and he didn’t got the the HP talent so if you just hit the the brillant the dependence Oh.

C mail so much right click damage and we might just die.

Here they both go down please hashtagwars so heroes are dying crit trying to.

You get it off yep was beautiful I love seeing this kind of place but they have blood on radiant yeah I think so doesn’t the brew habit does he still.

Fast thank you like if you play against a troll lineup you need AC o you turns DJ is the damage so he’s got another.

Hex he’s gone yeah DJ he’s gonna take the rapier so we just never got to see.

It fire what just walks past it Matic fanatic not like what are you doing the fire guy just kind of that the that.