Frankie Drake Mysteries | Season 2 Episode 5 "emancipation Day"

Other blade well I’ll with the blame it she smoked up again they see Envy and start here you know thanks the dream quote oh he’s gonna get doesn’t want.

To do it I need to see a 1 z Drupal somewhere well no one died so I can’t imagine.

It was super good everyone’s full HP let the brilliance it’s brewed there they’re actually getting some kills right now on the side of eg surprising ya Rasmus is right this looks like it’s going to be a 70 minute one seems to know a bit about that’s.

A good tip however that’s not buy back for willow this is an opportunity could do something don’t have Aegis right this is where fnatic in Helios so now puck dies as well.

I mean if you’re fnatic where’s the play that you make DJ heroes roving lanes and getting Pecos but since he got the rapier he’s afraid to leave the base and that’s why they there are strong feelings anymore there’s talk all their free cuz they got kills but you might get stuck again oh that’s a diamond right okay as for his dead 115 seconds first the lift onto our.

TZ he gets stunned up – he’s.

Dead – he’s now gonna fall Abbot beyond godlike still doesn’t have a death to his name 14 0 and 16 drove buys back instantly they know.

They’ve got to try to hold this we should.

Have more openings in this yeah but you gotta you know you have to keep it going for the for the homies on the stream dude I know I’m actually really sad about that I didn’t see it once I think he used it but.

We didn’t see it neck rolls on the TRO silence though and the fear never gets low does he ever be keeping pressure refresher but there comes the other meteor he finally gets it all off pops the cheese – Stan it’s pretty good the universe actually goes down for this but they are just diving now our TV guys.

Time the instant buy back from the invoker all.

Became yeah but now the chase comes down to mail don’t have arenal damage off son from Abed.

It’s the poster on him DJ is unstoppable everyone is now dead that should be finally the game as it didn’t quite get to 70 minutes but fnatic they do end up on top my op had had an absolute monster game yeah they they they they like damage that was a very good last pick from fnatic they actually.

Their full physical damage on eg yeah Dickie here’s a guy that jumps you can.

Jump you like don’t give a shit levels but he doesn’t have that good of a leaning presence it’s usually like that if you play with Knicks in your team he’s like missing stance I mean brute 22nd so do.

You know of us you don’t play in a pubs right no right clicks so who do you guys felt like who who’s drafted you like before we saw anything just after.

The draft was done Oh Yugi draft was even good before brewed was brewed it’s like super awesome no it’s me Oh Weaver I like phonetics craft more than yeah man Oh Sumerians be careful yeah don’t eat too much check the last hits they lead at 14-under yeah and on that.

Verse but like you said I mean it’s poor Oh cause the flask no he said not so much last he isn’t well conspire the second.

To last a network so you just realized that looked like 30 spiders yes Oh got like three gold for and bought ten fly he’s already shuttled four flats middle highlight ranks Akhil flied now he’s not feeling fine that was a good rhyme yeah. Seuss popular no see is no no nothing sumail again I can bring.

Me that’s great 64 to one for Abbot uh I’m curious why didn’t doesn’t it seem like a pretty good a bottle are cheesy game on Weaver he’s just farming the spiders Oh Abed calculated yeah that’s what definitely calculated that was.

Close I don’t know if you had napped he could just go in or just and spiders and kill him maybe she was out of nuts Oh easy but to earth kind one more text should be enough all buddies.

Dick I think pilot I and art easier about a die here yeah about is here.

Door look easy babe and now fly yeah well plate no man on often as a to more spell doom to be enough man who host you read it killing spree for s4.

Yes the 1 K lead now for eg and look at look at that tower middle already less than half HP yeah barely okay Creed isn’t hunt Creed is gonna find an me right now she will kill diffusional hey jakey what’s up first EP from chick.

Hero shrine popped and eternalenvy well he’s gonna kill the crepes he made sure to do that at least.

And now see you later plus on strength that was that was an interesting place to be was not music that’s great to century fortunately yeah art easy arrange that just imagine this could make you a little bit sets about the game sadboys well storms catching back up now still about a thousand five uh no but they’re gonna find.

Get hit because he has level one home laid off Andy’s here as well ant pilot I just comes into Kayla al what’s up I’ll take the goal you don’t need it right contribution oh that’s one way right if you if you hit the hook and a blast that’s all.

Of Enchantress’s HP yeah any me see what you’re spraying or not I don’t think so that’s something right I think I’ve never used a spray oh but white I don’t even know how to it’s a coincidence oh look at those they just keep the fan email but now that we gonna run uphill here comes a but he’s gonna pull in as for tomb so I’m gonna go down all spiders again easy kill up onto s for ice path will zone out a little but sumail.

Is kind of stuck downhill uphill he’s just stuck everywhere and he’s gonna die fanatic moving forward now fly running out of the trees I’ll.

Bet still has plenty of man with that kind out crit he’s gonna eat nice ice pads but I.

Don’t think it’s gonna matter crit denies again though long create its fourth time yes four is denied for.

Great hockey still defended by is a dry lands get a go for a BKB sumail tanks a ton of damage on the next slide turtle envy is Oulton up looks like they’re going in s for old one no but pilot died saves him with the SolarEdge more damage he did he ice bath because he’s already slows him he’s just running now whatever it’s late.

Usually DJ well they’re going faroush on the dire side are now pilot died he tattoos tombstone he throws it up he’ll the normals puppet all nice takes universe to us kind of wholesome peaky nice nice Pat storm over the top and I buys.