A Trip Around The World? Or A Trip Through Space?

We there 200 US astronauts so you’re looking at half a percent of the US astronaut crew and and her husband is this phenomenal glass blower and he you know he’s the most proud of his wife of any husband and on the pub the seven billion people on the planet and and and he celebrates her with his glass and.

Da Vinci of blown glass and you know I think it must be pretty hard to be married to an astronaut and especially one who you know been two times up in.

Space in witness protection up there do you pay taxes up there I wonder for you when you’re up there so ladies and gentlemen you know she was gonna be in Greenland she was gonna try to get here and I.
Said look you know just let’s Skype in and.

You’ll be the closer my favorite astronaut and I inspired legions and I’m sure sure you will.

Inspire you so Katie Collman well hello and you know it’s I’m both glad and sorry not to be there I have to tell.

You I think you’re gonna hate me and the reason is is that the reason I’m not there is I am about.

To go off on an adventure with friends which i think is the best thing that any of us could do and I and I consider tonight with Trip Advisor to be an adventure.

As well I have some really wonderful friends that have a plane and they’re about to travel from Boston up to Goose.

Bay Labrador on to Greenland on to Iceland and finally to the Faroe Islands.

And they asked if my husband and I could come with them and this is.

Not the kind of trip that you let friends do alone right and so we agreed to go with them but it turns out that.

With something I’m actually pretty experienced with and that is launch delays and that we’ve had.

Some equipment problems and some and some weather problems and we are leaving hopefully tomorrow but my bet is actually actually on a Saturday but getting.

Back to exploration you know a lot of people think that a trip like that would for me would be like oh you know.

Going like a third of the way around the world you know what does that mean to you when you’ve you know spent.

Months up on the space station and it means everything to me in that.

It’s all about perspective and I love to living on the space station I loved being able to look out the window I would say almost every day and it’s it’s an amazing view and it I think it changes you and at the same time you know our planet is a place that we’re part of and I love seeing it from up there I love seeing it from down here and I like understanding how to put those perspectives together so it is fun.

To go fast but at the same time just being someplace and realizing that somebody else is watching that place from somewhere else and they have a different perspective that is really what what I get out of these experiences and Patrick could you.

Show the picture that I sent you I’m just going to show a single slide I just saw it yesterday on space comm and when I realized that I was too to be able to be present at the the conference Patrick are there they’re able to see it now yay so that is the Andromeda galaxy m31 mother 31 is its name it is the closest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way and that picture was.

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