Paul Anderson Walsh On Miraculously Buying A Church Next To Where He Was Born (part 10)

Paul we still got about ten minutes left so I’ll get it but I’m most definitely gonna need to do a part two whole bunch of questions that I haven’t got T but I do want to know about that I do want everybody else to know about the custard pie Factory and then from that kind of with again with.

All the rejection we’ve all the trauma with all the tragedy here was have you managed to like you you are that you are the pastor of grace something else to.

Of God all about love given your life I mean we haven’t we haven’t even spoken about dares and so forth but even till this day I know you were speaking church this morning about what’s happening with your goddaughter and so on and so forth how are you the the God is.

Love guy but first of all if you could answer the the cost of Pi factory cost of Pi fracture yeah that was a funny story issue so so we were we were looking for our home for.

Further for the grace project and we were driving through came through whilst injunction and I and all I knew was oh no it was.

Actually it was it was a bit strange in that the kind of story starts but earlier so we had a really creative group of people that were part of the church in Chile and they were almost my.

Artists and they were performers and dancers and theatre people and this one particular day we had this.

Thing where there was they brought all these scarves that I’ve eaten so skies I’m flags I’m sorry and they were assigning various different prophetic intentions to the server to the to the flags and weather will the Flies were gone there was one flag that.

Was left it was cerise pink and it was just lying there and like nobody wanted to claim it and then although I used to tease it tease everybody because I used to call because we had so many people from the performing arts and we just have a lot of Units same-sex couples in the rest of it coming to the community I used to call us the Will and Grace project right because it was like because he was just sure no.

One cares like just you want to think accepted you want to find your way in love do you want.

To figure out that God loves you there’s not bother what you’re up to just sit down and just will tell you who you are got one she’s deal with your relationship he’ll deal with that it’s not my job my job is just to love you and tell you.

Pink one was lying there and painting I were driving we just come to them for the no either were we oh we know that’s right because we’re.

Still living in East London and we come up through wheels and wheels down and we came up through what’s the road that’s called there Wales farm road and we drove along Victoria Road in tomorrow and the thing and and that what I’d had in my mind about this pink thing was that.

This pink had to do with the the place where we gonna go and move to and I had this picture of this place it was all.

Just windows and lots of light and white but there was a pink there’s going to be pink so so we drive past this place not quite.

My eye and it was a big building with lots of light lots of glass I said Haley I’m gonna call him the next day so I called the guy out and I said can we come and see it Gus yeah I’m gonna see so pop around to see it we go into the into the building and oh yeah no sorry excuse me women there’s another.

Part to this story so I had a call from a guy called Steve surname I can’t remember he.

Runs something called artist and his Christian thing from Holy Trinity Thompson and he was meeting at a place called the custard pie Factory in.

Birmingham and I’d woken up in the morning I was gonna go and see these did this this place in Acton thinking about a custard pie factory and I’m like oh well maybe we’re supposed to go.

To act 2 up to em Birmingham see this custard pie Factory and kind of think I was gonna so I said Oh anyways I’ll come back.

To that later so I go to the the meet this this the got this good series this.

Building go through the front door open the door and they open up the doors and as she walked through the floors are this blancmange pink and I’m like the same as the color as the flick yeah and I’m like yeah some that’s a trip already like okay so I what what’s upstairs I thought who has pink floors so walking up into this both walking fees and I’m.

The hell is that with it yeah so we go into this room the guy says this is a shoe day we’ve got available in this room and it’s just all glass right is it like.

Glass pink floor all glass and I said to the guy um so what did this place used to be before you turn into this may see when it was the custom boy factory so the.

Bit you don’t never this story was I’m standing in me I went to another rinks we had took at least two rooms and then went to this one room and I just looked out on this room and I said them Lord like should we take this.

Place let’s go like hey what part of custard pie factory don’t you understand I was alright okay okay go and I said where am I I mean the Lord said to.
Me um just look over there and I said look.

They said where is it so this is.

The site of the hospital you were born in so was then torn down right.

Where you are so the guy said would you like more time to think about it.


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