Minimalism Inspiration | Vlogtober Day 24

Morning guys happy Wednesday I am just finishing getting ready I let myself sleep until 6:00 and then I hit the snooze a couple of times and now my hair is not dry but um it is Wednesday and that’s nothing but midweek so okay I’m gonna go put my boots on and then I need to pack up my lunch.
And go drop off petunia cuz I’m running so.

This morning but that’s okay it’s Wednesday it’s gonna be a good day and I got good news I’m gonna be going to a conference in Anchorage on Friday so.

That’s exciting so I like getting out sometimes switching things up doing new things and anyway so that’ll be fun um let me finish getting video outfit of the day forever 21 so it’s like a brownish reddish faux leather jacket I have on this long tunic from I think Cole’s it’s in a Bluegreen but it’s really dark you can’t see jeans on clearance from Target boots from I think is like DSW in Dallas Texas last year when we went to a wedding so I was kind of bummed I got.

A call from the doctor I went in last week to get fitted for shoe inserts and I was so excited to get them and they called and they said that the impressions were not done correctly so when they sent them in they sent them back and said you need to redo these so I had to make another appointment so I’m.

Doing that on Thursday I’m gonna go back in for the impressions and last time I didn’t know I had to take off like socks and everything because I.

The last time I stepped on a machine and it did it this time you like have to put your foot in something anyway so I need to give myself a pedicure tonight like that that’s a nun negotiable that needs to happen tonight but let me pack up my food and get going cuz the time is getting away from.

Me you ready to go this one has been a bugger she’s been outside three four times she heard the neighbor dog bark we have new neighbors and she woke me up this morning cuz she heard the dog bark and insisted on going in and out.

In and out trying to catch the dog when he’s out she’s not gonna catch him anyway it really set him running off wrong so now she’s in a mood but you ready to go we gotta go hey guys so it is.

There’s no Wednesday afternoon evening and it is just a little bit chilly I don’t know it’s been in the 40s like it’s no big surprise it’s not that big of a deal it’s been this temperature but Oh Bert so I.

Have to go for another shoe shoe insert fitting because the last one didn’t work out they have to do it again the imprint and so I have to do that tomorrow so obviously I had to paint my toenails because last time I was shocked I’d take my sock off I was like mm I’m payment Oh since like summer they still had that nice bright white color.

On there um oh the Lighting’s bad whoops I had to get out because I could not find good lighting no matter like it was just not good um so I’ve read your comments there was one common.

Things that I left to comment on your 19th video or something you can’t respond that I wasn’t sure I tried to respond to my comments so I wasn’t sure what the.

Question was um doesn’t mean I won’t go back I just.

Haven’t had time to yet and then there was another comment about they want to see how we do budgets um yes I don’t know if I’ve said it cuz yes I am the one with the bachelor’s.