Minimalism Inspiration | Vlogtober Day 24

Degree in accounting but my husband does our budgets so but I absolutely know how to do budgets so I can sit down and put one together for you guys if you kind of want to see.

Dave Ramsey does have suggestions on like purse of.

How much should be housing how much should be.

Car payment Leahy has percentages suggestions so I can do that I can show you like what we kind of budget for I know everyone’s gonna be different but I have no problem a budget is just money in and then all your expenses that’s all that it is pretty.

Much so I can totally do that that’s not a problem I was just so you know I was waiting for the husband because he usually does it and so I was gonna kind of do a video with him but now that you mention it a couple times.

I was like oh maybe I should just sit down and do an Excel spreadsheet then I.

Was like well I mean figure out what kind of a software I need to record my screen I remember I can just use my phone and hold it up the screen I don’t know so that’s I’m.

Not I haven’t forgotten it I just haven’t figured it out yet but it is something I’m gonna do let’s see what else did I need to cover minimalism challenge so I’m getting rid of things all throughout the month I’m getting rid of as many things as the day’s date and today is the 24th.

One of my very very very very very good friend’s birthday I love her so much so I’m getting rid of 24.

Things I’ll insert that footage right here 24 we have been keeping samples for too long.
So 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17.

18 19 20 21 22 23 24 and on a side note I have pre filmed some of the what I’m cleaning out right because it’s easier for me on the weekend cuz I I obviously work full time over full time sometimes and I don’t have time.

Sometimes to think about what I want to get rid of but when I come home in the evenings if I think of something during the day like Susanna you have pasta from like five years ago when you stopped eating carbs we won’t talk about that right now.

But um you don’t eat pasta you have pasta.

Boxes that are old and expired why you keep them why do you keep them so I went and I cleaned out all of my pasta and threw it in trash all of it and there was just some shirts that I.

Really liked but they don’t fit me well so I never wear them but I didn’t want to get rid of them in this whole cleaning now think so I was like I liked them I.

Went ahead and got rid of them so.

It’s been a really good thing almost every day I come home in addition to what you see me doing I’m doing more so it’s been it’s been good so been keeping busy but I’m tired so I have a full day tomorrow I.

To do my absentee voting just because it gets so crowded on the actual voting day and yes I’ll be here on voting day but if you can vote before the actual voting day do it.

And I can so I’m going to I’m gonna go vote tomorrow I need to do my doctor’s appointment tomorrow work tomorrow I need to clean tomorrow on the tomorrow’s also Bible study so it’s gonna be a pretty busy day so honey whom I am gonna take a beautiful hot bath relax and just oh I didn’t move my body today I didn’t do.

Video you know what I’m gonna do my stretches before I do a bath and I’m gonna call it good but I’m gonna end.

The vlog here and I will see you guys tomorrow so hope you guys have oh it’s gonna be Thursday I’ll behead a great Friday Eve so I’ll see you guys then bye guys.