Freedom From Self-doubt | Not Much Potential | Story Time | Amina Kazi

ESPA Dominica me guys hi and welcome back to another video so with this video I thought I’d do a story time I don’t know if you guys know but I have a graduate degree in mass media and communications I don’t have a degree or any professional certification or any course related to graphic design or design in general are.

Needlessly when I’m looking for new jobs that it’s a big massive elephant and moving that I do not have a proper professional degree hours straight out of.

My college and my gutsy circle yeah that was my old self so after a lot of failed attempts I.

Finally got an interview call from complete called car in Bombay which is three hours away from where I stay three hours one way so that’s like three as one ways the us coming back in a nine-hour shift would be around.

Fourteen are dedicated to job fast forward to the day a very first day of my job I need sugar them boss woman was amazing she made me feel at ease she helped me set up she told me everything about you know the place and it was very lovely small place that I was working on and boss woman she had experienced that she started working on Photoshop the same year.

I was born so that was kind of sort of intimidating a little but I learned a lot from her I learned a crazy lot she did not go easy on me she did not baby me she didn’t she just pushed me in the deep end and.

She’s like okay now today and she would make me change my designs ten times until I understood what was wrong with the very first draft that I gave however every time that she would ask me to make a change these used to be her exact words Amina you can do so much better you have not much potential you can.

Do so much better and I would be frustrated every single time that she would say that I used to be like oh what’s.

Going on what did you want from me distressed I’ll hold my kidneys I never spoke up mostly because in my head I knew.

That partly what she was saying is because I don’t have a graphic design degree so every day for one month I used to hear it five times a day.

But you have not much potential every day however those 14 hours of packing foods and actually you know sitting nine hours at a desk and everything was really affecting my.

Health a real very heavy heart because it was my first job and they actually gave me a chance is a graphic designer I went up to them and I told them then listen I’m facing a lot of issues with my health with my back with my wrist like my mental health as.
Well and I don’t think I’ll be able to work with you.

Guys it ain’t just one month I told them that she called her business pata in the room and they were both like we loved the worm that you put out we love the way you do stuff and I was like okay keep him coming keep him coming keep them coming and then she did these words she’s like I’m so sorry to have to let you go you have so much potential.
Every day for one month my brain used to twist the words around words.

That she never even said my brain is to twist the words around and hit me with my own self-doubt in a ways that when she used to say Amina you have so much potential my brain is to hear it Amina you have not much potential and I just bawled my eyes out like like the ugly crying because I couldn’t believe what I was doing to myself I couldn’t believe that insecurities and self-doubt would have such a power over me I’ve always been somebody who’s very confident in.

My approach with everything that I did and that works like the very first times that was me insecure you person but you get the point you don’t unless your insecurities you do not let yourself doubt you cannot let anybody else tell you what to.

Do you’ve got to work hard you’ve gotta believe in yourself you’ve.

All the good things that you tell yourself.

And ignore all the bad things and the tapped out and securities degrees you.

Rewards it is for good you have so much potential so that is it for this video guys in shall I’ll see you guys in my next video until then bye guys.

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