Webinar | How To Create Your Own Ros Live Class

Hello everyone and welcome to this presentation where we are going to see how to create your own robotics class based on Ross and it has to be a Ross live class so but before we start what what do we mean by a robotics live class well we’re talking about a class about teaching robotics by using Ross of course.

Is deliberate online so it’s not that something that you delivered on your class it’s something that you deliver or for the people on the internet then it’s also delivered in real.

That you are doing your class deliver in the.

Class the people is connected to you so they can see that in real time and the most important point their students are going to practice with you what you are teaching on that class at the same time that you are teaching that this is the most important pour point for this robotics life class so what do we do we mean about that that it’s a practical class we are not talking.

About a typical class with a boolean sequence of slides but is that is something like what you see on the video here it’s a live.

Class for the assimilations that are moving robots we are executing programs the perception.

Is taking place we react in front of that and all the people that is attorney this is going to perceive that from.
You so get this information from you and also they are going to practice.

The same things that you are doing on the screen then let’s move yeah so what are the main points that we are going to learn today in this.

It is webinar it’s about how to build the life class material this is the first thing and then the second one part we are going to see how to deliver the class so how you can want to have this class.

That you want to deliver in this super cool way that interacts with this with the attendance to the life class and the practice so how can we do this online so that’s the second point that we are going to see today and then by getting all this learning how to create a life.

Class material and how to deliver you can do – you can believe you can become a heated robotics teacher superstar you know about those YouTube superstar so instead of be doing videos about the stupid things we are going.

To do YouTube videos about the cool things that are changing really changing the world.
That is for example robotics subjects okay so let me.

Tell you that if you stay with me until the end of the presentation I will share with you a complete brass check that’s Ross project with all the material that we have deliberate at the latest life class so in our company the concert.

We doing create this concept of life class on YouTube and we do one life class every Tuesday at 6 p. c EST and so we did one last tuesday and we created a lot of material simulations code notebooks so if you say with me i will provide.

That information that complete the material to you in a very simple way and by the way who is this guy who’s talking to you who am I my name is Ricardo Diaz and I am the CEO of the construct that is a company where we are developing tools that allow you to program you robot with Ross in a very easy way.

About Ross so you can get become actually a Ross developer and why I am talking to you about that is because I already have a year experience the weekly Ross life class I think talk to you so here you can see two pictures one from the first life class this one is from the last class.

That we had this week and along this way we have learned a lot about how to do this and we have improve our method about how to do cross like classes.
So you are going to see that here let’s go okay so the.

First point remember I mentioned two points first one is how to build the life class material and that’s it so what are what is this material that I’m talking about well so we want to people practice programming robots in Ross and for that they need basically three things the first thing is the.

Jupiter notebook this is a notebook is a is like a document electronic document that you are going to provide to the attendance to the class and this document contains the instructions about the class oh oh like the things that you put on the slide but more more better because it will contain code it will contain the videos images etcetera so it’s a it’s a lot more interactive.

So is the document that describes the subject of that life class then we’ll have the 0 simulations.
That are the robot simulations that we are going to use.

To practice what is not the notebook and then you can provide and.

Also some Ross code that this France code will act as an example for the attendance or as a template that the attendants have to to feel by following your instructions during their life plans so the first thing is the Jupiter notebook yeah so what I already mentioned the proper documentation and it.

Provides also by step by step guide so the the people who is reading this notebook can after good to reproduce your.

Life class and get the same results is possible it is interesting that you mix on this notebook text with images with videos and with code also so then the experience of learning it will be a lot clearer and richer then the Gazebo simulation so there will be the simulation of the robot that we are going to use and we are you would use this for practicing the concepts that we are teaching on the live class then finally we will have.

The Ross code as I mentioned that is I use usually I use the Rosco that provide some already code that is working that acts as a support to the subject that I want to teach but then I made the attendance to the class.

Own packages their own files and etc and sometimes if the code is too complicated and I provide already the code so the people has to copy and paste into the into the area for creating the packages but by copy pasting then I go and follow an explanation about which each part of that code so they will understand what is doing ok so we have I’m not going to teach you how to build this Ross.

Code how to build these runs simulations and how to build a notebook just I just explained you that you have to do that and here we have a complete webinar on this link that you can check here it’s a couple webinar that teaches you how to actually.

Create a code how to create the simulations and how to create Jupiter notebook in that webinar I also provide some resources so.

You don’t have to create your simulations for example do I provide some links where you can’t download similar issues as you can use them already and the same.

For the Ross code and the notebooks have a look.

At it if you want to get more details about how to actually create that material okay so once you have created the notebooks this simulations and the code you have to package all that inside what call a.

Ross yet Russia is just a Ross project that contains all those things it contains notebooks like in this picture you can see the.

Notebook on the left-hand side then it contains some code that is the code that you can see in the center or area and then contains some simulations as you can see on their right hand side this simulation of the car then other part bit beneath is the it there is several shells that you can use for compiling execution executing etcetera but that’s not part of the rush it is part of the platform so you.

Get the notebook the cold and the simulation and.

You package everything inside the Ross yet by using.

Rush yet what is interesting is that you can.

Share all that with anybody in the world so and this sharing is very simple it’s just by providing a link so if you create a project that you can share that complete.

Material by using a single link and when you share this link whoever who received this link it will be able to graff reduce the same things that you have created on the rush yet so this person who receives the Russian link he will be have access to the same notebook the same code and the same.

Simulation and it would work in the same conditions I think as it works for you so that’s super convenient because you can be doing a live class with anybody in the world just share the link of the rush yet and then that other person that is attending your plans is able to execute in the same conditions as you are.

Executing on on the like class in real time now so that’s super powerful as you can understand.

And what is interesting about this project this process of the rush yet is that it doesn’t require any installation so the person who receives the link will just access to a web platform that provides a whole environment so this the barman is already.

Provided on a web browser so that person doesn’t have to install anything can just Windows Mac or language computers and execute the same things that you add we also let me tell you that if you have created this code is notebook simulations from.

A get while you are providing is already get synchronized so any changes can be updated afterwards and finally let me tell you that branches can be downloaded to your local computer so.

In case that you don’t want to use this web platform that allows you to open so you can download it because it’s just basically ross packages so you can download it and then execute in your own computer.

Provided that your computer computer has a proper ross installation in there ok so you have a created your notebook simulations code you have packaged everything on the project and that you have shared then how do you do all this process of sharing and executing well you can do that by using the Ross development studio so.

In the runs of elements video you can go there.

And at address that you can see it needs the images and you can create all the material you have some tools there on the rocks or elements to do for creating your notebooks for creating your gazebo simulations seeing the results of your receiver simulations creating your programs you.

Have an IDE and you have all the tools of Ross in order to test your code and the result on the simulations so the wrath of the ministry is the one.

That allows you to share this link of the brush yet so you can distribute the Russia to the attendance to the class and also allows you to execute that in three of time so when you start a class to open your project in the.

Ross development studio and then start the level in the class you follow your notebook you start the simulations execute.

The code etc and all the people who has received the link can also reproduce inside the rock to do the same notebook.

The same simulation the same code that you are doing and of course in order to do that is free so you can do that without any problem so you can see that it’s super easy to to suddenly bring a live class to anybody in.

The world but is this this platform there so we.

The second point of this webinar first point remember is how to.

Create material and distribute it to the attendance to the class okay so you have create your notebook simulation Rosco you have packaged everything.

Inside the Ross yet then you have shared the structure with the attendance the live class you have a tent that you have shared that and then well sorry you have you haven’t yet shared because the share of the rush yet has to be done once.

You start a life plans and we are going to see in it.

In a minute how to do that so you.

Have created with the rasul’allah minutes to do your rush it and it is ready to be shared with the attendance of the class to the.

Class okay and so let’s go let’s see how actually deliver their life class so first what would you need in order to deliver that well do we need a.

Webcam let me share with you the one that I am using here this is good quality enough and not so expensive so you can have a look at that one of course you can use any other that you want but I recommend you that one is the one that I use usually then the mic that’s very important to have very good.

Sound because otherwise people get annoyed about the noise or the bad quality of the audio so that’s why I’m recommending you this one that is a very.

Good mic is the one that I’m using also and of course you will need to have a youtube account.

No unity account because we are going to deliver the class on g-tube so for that you can go to to that address.

That I have to tear and create in come to have your own channel put delivering your glasses okay so let’s imagine that you already.

Have your account you have all the material then how did you create a live class event so that people can know that the reason they went there there is a live class and they can attend that some to determine the point well.

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