Webinar | How To Create Your Own Ros Live Class

So let’s I have to tear all the steps but let’s do something more interesting so let’s do a demo an actual demo okay so let me change sharing the screen from this point in to another one.

Where you can see how to do it so I’m.

Going to do it live okay so I’m going to stop sharing this and I’m going to share another window oh channel okay so in this case so.

How good I is starting from my youtube channel that I have already created as I mentioned before on that link then how do I start scheduling an event well it’s very easy you have to go here to your icon and then go to youtube the studio then when you come come here actually that’s not the actual option that.

I usually do so this is no NG tube and so let me see because yeah so I’m going to change to studio classic okay because.

This is the new environment that YouTube has created okay that’s it so that’s a studio classic okay let me go back to my home sorry and let’s start again from the from the first step okay so you.

Are here in your channel and then you go to here too okay so it’s not allowing me to have the did not the classical way of creating a new event it should be another option here that is not YouTube beta duty to this studio beta okay so let’s see how.

To do it here let’s go to the g-tube studio beta and then here let’s change to the classic way because here I don’t know this its options.

I cannot see the option up here for creating a new event okay so let’s go to the studio classic and then here let’s go to live streaming.

This option here then here you can see that there are.

There are events so let’s go to events and then okay so then you have to enable live streaming as an option but this is only for the first time okay select your country and then so you can select some of the options.

That you have here okay so this is in case that you have to need wait here yeah so this is for verification and yes so yeah so I can okay so let’s put it in telephone number here and that’s it then you should get a verification code that I’m opening here on my phone and getting this verification this is just for the first time okay so it’s not for any other.

Time that you want to schedule future life classes okay so we got it that’s it okay No so it’s not enough it’s not really okay so yeah we have some problems here because it was supposed to have access to this.

To the events element and I’m not having this so how can we solve this.

I wanted to show you the exact way of doing it and let me see if I can find another way of doing it.

Instead of using this account let me see if we can use the account of the deconstruct let me just check a second just a second and configure.

In here okay so let’s come here let me just check so that I have the because I don’t want to show you all the inner workings of our and in a configurations of our channel that is what why I don’t want to so as.

I didn’t want to share everything here with you but anyway so we have it.

Here now so I have already checked so let me just switch sharing my accounts dropped channel okay so this is this is our the construct channel so.

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