Webinar | How To Create Your Own Ros Live Class

I am here in lightest 3v as you can see that is the construct from our logo is a different one then you will reach that point.

Once you get the certification done and then the only thing that you have two possible two events then in the events you have.

Then we have this where we know that is the one that we are to in fright now and it’s super simple it’s just come here create a new live event that’s it so I don’t understand all the complications of the other account but this was my personal account and so I apologize for the inconvenience but anyway so.

We have here the event and what do we have to do is to put a title here my next event and then indicate here the day that you are going to do it for a couple in one week from now and one time so 7:00 p. for example that’s okay then you should set some description it’s my event description and set some practice you want and finally indicate that.

It’s going to be public or not maybe you only wanted to put in public maybe.

Two days later or maybe just right now but see if you put.

It public right now then it will be published and it will be notified to all the subscribers of your of your channel whenever you have is start to get some subscribers so once you have this you only have to press your create event and that’s it so now your event is here my next event.

It’s here and yeah so some people of my team is also working treated the next like class at the same time so that’s why then you can see that.

Here you have some general image so it’s interesting if you press to edit here and then change the thumbnail so the image that you get here so if you can press here for for example in this button and then provide with another image that you can download from any.

Place of your hard drive for example I’m putting this right here so let’s see for example then adjust or whatever the image so let’s say this then now our event has been created it has been sent a notification to.

All the subscribers by publishing it and now we are finishing the configuration by setting a nice a nice image as a thumbnail great so you can go to the view page to the watch page by pressing here so you will see how it looks now your event so your vent is already live and.

Is here with the image that you have put until you start okay so that’s the first part how to create a live stream in a badass let me know you have any question on the chat that is besides this presentation again so we have done everything all the steps here great so we have the live stream setup for or next life class in a few days great now how.

Class so imagine that it reaches the day where you are going to start with the life class you are going to start teaching okay so then you have to go to these creator studio and press the button and star handouts on there so let’s do it that’s it now let me paint again here to this so you have to repeat of the processes until.

You reach to here at your page of the event okay so it should be here the list the middle of fresh this I’m coming okay here it is yeah because I was showing the ones about running now okay so here is my next event and then whenever two things arise that you have to provide you to do your next your life class then you have to come to this.

Page the events and here press this button here that is start hangouts on air okay so when you start the handout on inner then it will start a new event and start retransmitting life so let me check here that we have the whole configuration okay so that’s it I cannot show you more but.

But basically then what you have to do is to press the button of a style Congo terror and then on the next screen that will appear you have to check that the microphone is being detected so you approach your your mouth and then check that the mic is working otherwise you may be believing that you are talking other people is listening to you but it doesn’t work and also you will see if.

The camera is detecting or not because your face will.

Be showing and whenever there will be a.

Pattern beneath here and whenever you are ready they depress the start bought the broadcast button and that’s it then it will start okay and then once you you have reach that situations.

You can start talking and start presenting your your.

Life class so it’s good if you get a presentation and introduction about yourself about the subject that you are going to talk today.

And that’s all a short one whatever you feel like you want to start with a material that you have that you have created for this life class then just.

Press the button the green button that is share a screen and then share your browser so you have to share your browser with the attendants then your browser will be shown to all the audience instead of the camera and then in your browser you should open the rosiest and then share the rush yet with your students so.

Let me do that to you so you can you can see how it works okay so now I’m going to open the rocks yes and then you’re going to.

See my projects that they have here for example.

The one from the previous life class this one so you can share this screen with yes with the attendance and then a ten pointing times you press this button share Russia then you can get the link and this is the link that you have to share with your attendants so you copy this and that you have to go to the chat that is beneath the YouTube presentation so if we go here I’m.

Going to do a meta a better percentage oh here it is okay so I’m see myself as you can see and see myself here so here beneath the R is a chat and here is where you can just copy paste link of the Rajat and so now it doesn’t allow me because I am.

NOT allowed to share links unless I am the one that is doing the presentation and I get into the presentation as a dealer now but I should be able to go to the presentation page following the links here of the event and then get to the chat of the presentation and share your link okay so you have shared a link.

And then all the attendants are able to click on that link and get a copy of this frost yet so they will be by clicking on the.

Link that will be directly redirected to the roster alumina studio and get a copy of that then after that you only have to open the brush yet and then after a few seconds you will get the machine with these material let me say no then here you will see the notebook that I did prepare for this class so this is the material that they prepare for that class it was about reinforcement learning okay.

So I put a lot of code here because that was complex and then some information about any other events that we are doing the simulation the.

Simulation starts here located.

Here and you can launch it and anybody of the people of York or that this attending your class will.

Be able to do the same steps as I am doing and everything will be executed in the same way because you know they are using a web browser and the execution doesn’t depend on the computer of the attendant so now it’s a simulation that is the sorry so you can proceed with your explanation following your brush yet here and yeah so that’s it do for.

You start describing your package and describe it the subject that you want executing the simulations etc etc and the people that is listening is reproducing the same things at the same time so grant in so.

That the final point will be to keep an eye on the.

Chat so you can come here to the chat at any point in time here and check that there is no question from the people okay so let’s continue with this let me close the chat because otherwise I’m receiving the same information that I.

Am sending you okay yeah so the thing is that you will need to practice.

A little bit before the first live class so otherwise you can get overwhelmed about so many things to do so what I recommend is that you prepare some fake bands just for you and your friends and then you start to it a couple of times at least in order to get used to this because there are a lot of things about changing different screens showing now this your camera now sharing the.

Project it’s at etc so please practice a little bit and what I wanted to say is that this procedure is only for the grave it’s only for the break what do they mean yeah so between a life class like this requires a lot of work this is not just a few slides that you put there and people listen to you and that’s all this is you have to ensure that your code words you have to be sure that this Malaysian is is properly configured you have to be.

Sure that the whole process following the notebook is going to work so in order to.

Do that so you need to do a lot of work and then what if you are expecting only to create a few slides then it’s not going to work you are not going to take advantage of.

How powerful this life glass were the students that attend to it.

Are practicing at the same time and so they learn at amazing speed by doing.

This hmm and then before I finish I would like to say that you can apply this brush yet things to your official classes instead of instead of using this for life classes you can also do the same thing the same procedure but for your official classes for example this is one of the things that I do at the University of.

La I am here in Barcelona where I teach some courses on robot navigation then I prepare some rush yet and I provide these to the students and I am teaching there on the screen but at the same time.

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