Webinar | How To Create Your Own Ros Live Class

The students are doing the same things as I am doing on the screen and they are practicing so this is this method is not only limited to the online the for the online.

Because you can reach 100 thousands of people’s at the same.

Time but you can also apply the same to this class at the university that’s it so we just wanted to remind you that we do a Ross developers life class every Tuesday at 6 c c EST and it here you have the linking clay ink that you would like to pretend to any of them it’s every Tuesday every Tuesday every Tuesday okay if you got did you stay here with me until the end that’s what I promised so here you.

Of the Russian that they have just opened.

Into the into the screen do you saw it that contain some.

Code about how to test different robots that want to learn the same reinforcement learning tasks so in case that you have.

Different robots that need to.

Do the same task how did you train them using reinforcement learning while keeping the most of the algorithms for both of them so avoiding to change as much as possible and that’s it so in case that you have any question I am here I would like to have I would like to have so the chat here but I’m going to use another computer here that is helping me thank you u-kwon for your help and let me see here there is a question by Magda vu Casca that says instead of life class.

You can do the same thing just to record for distribution later yeah that’s it that’s right.

You can’t do it of course the thing is that is not so powerful because it’s so you will not be able to see on real time either attendants are having problems so if they are having some problem they can’t put it a question on the chat and then you can react you can explain something better you can improve something on real time or you’re cold etc but definitely yes you can do it.

It depends on the scope that you want to reach okay so just to let you know our live classes are recorded automatically by YouTube so they are published after watching our channel directly and then anybody can watch them afterwards this is one of the interesting features of YouTube so it’s recording your live.

Event and their needs available.

Afterwards and you don’t have to do anything it will be directly published the Magda is indicated here that she agrees on my information but it requires less courage yes that’s right that is right yeah but I would recommend you go with the courage please have a look at our first life glasses and then check the latest one.

You will see that we are improving improving improving and going better so get the courage go forward move forward and don’t care about the first one and you will be improving so what I would recommend you is that you get the courage of course if it’s too much for somebody then start recording first and then afterwards then you can after a few ones that you feel more comfortable but we need to hold it and.

Move to the live one okay any other question here on the video on the side you can see one of the life glasses hey here son and one question from episode hello episode how you doing man if some is one of the teachers of that has.

Done some live classes here with the construct super interesting about flexp for example super interesting so here a question from absolute he says hi is there a way to have a live a live stream using two different cameras yes the wrist so if there is a deep configuration there and YouTube you can do many many cameras as many as you want and they do have to have another computer that is kind of checking which.

One and another person that supports.

You but you can do it Magda says is a licence or subscription to require to run a class or a fee he canceled a table yes so you can afford a router luminous to do three accounts it’s okay the only drawback of the free accounts is that they.

Run only on two course computers but as you can see all the life classes that we have gone have been working using a two core computers and it’s more than enough for this let me tell you unless you want to do something.

Very very specially deep learning in real time with complicated things such as one show one showing the speaker and probably the other show with the screen oh yeah okay yeah so it’s related to the.

Same question before yes that’s.

It and in other question people davon Kabul okay hello you lovin lovin is one of the runs ambassadors of the program of the concert and here.

He is he says you need a license nice with low cost okay I don’t understand that common logon he can elaborate a little more again maybe I can better understand you to need a license guys with low cost okay cryptic okay any other question I don’t know that’s very strange I’m keeping seen that there is more and more people that is joining the webinar but we are about to finish because with which I’ve read the questions so that’s funny.

That you are getting here to the webinar when we.

Are about to finish okay so I’m going to wait for I mean a moron here question from ACTA that says do you know what bandwidth requirement or full roster yes yes it’s about with one make up megabit per second it’s okay it’s okay right I have been using with very low bandwidth and then what happened is.

That the people that if there is there is a lot of people there there are a lot of students connected to the same network then because a little bit slow if there is a lot of people I mean but I am using directly at the University with 20 students for example and sometimes it depends on the network you can see a little bit of the lay of some things but it’s more than enough really more than enough just have a look just have some.

Test and let me know okay LaVon is clarify entities sir I tell to man up to just cut at him she needs a license which are really less in cost okay okay I think Ramsey is not work with even two megabyte no no it does it.

Does so I have measure because you are not sending information all the time just want to do something so and then when you are editing Yuko that’s minimum that’s minimum then the only thing that you need a lot of midnight is when you are when you are the simulation is running and it.

Takes a lot of elements in there but for example in this case that we are seeing here on the drone so the result single drone that is moving around so that’s the only thing that’s the change in the position of the drone that is been sent between the width between our servers and the computer of a person who is visualizing it so that’s.

Paris or necessity very small it could happen for example it could be more necessary when you are opening our base because you can open Arvest in a system.

Then our base requires sometimes a lot more or for a fresh and that it has a moment where you need more information or if you are using RTG plot.

To plot something data that goes very very fast that you in those cases you will need more or speed but those are just put well cases and the great majority of the time with one.

Megabyte it’s it’s ok ok so I think that that’s all for today ok one more question from Epson on the in the nick of time one more question our shared project is still linked with the original for.

Example can you affect changes.

That will be reflected in a very share project so that’s a very good question that.

Epson knows the answer but he is uncertain in order to clarify to the audience good boy left very good very good so the question of absent means if I.

Share my project with you then any change that I do we might write it will be reflected in your copy and the answer is no because it’s a copy is a separate copy so every person who gets the copy is its own copy and is completely detached from the original one and.

Also the changes that the person who receives the copy is doing are not transferred to the person to the to the person who has received to has created original inter brush yet the only way that you can that you can link those projects yet is by using git so if the code.

That you have in your brush yet it’s uploaded is pushed into a again then the person who has received the brush yet it can also pull from the gate and get the changes and vice versa because.

The rush yet if the original project was linked to a get then the.

Person who received the brush yet it’s the rush it is already linked to.

That gate so they can be synchronized ok levan says guys let’s join on other life class today by construct ok it’s ok for today 11 because yesterday we just have one to take we have another one no sorry it wasn’t Tuesday yeah.

Do you think we had one on Wednesday we have a day.

You versity and today we have this webinar so too many things or or today and I can’t see yeah I am going to distribute the reinforcement learning project sorry yeah so um let me just clarify it about that it’s too cool so in order to get the reinforcement learning project.

Just copy this address can you see this address or better I’m going to copy this into the chat okay so let me copy it doesn’t allow me the presentation to drag-and-drop let’s do it manually so here it is then let’s do kind of this okay let’s copy this and then let’s go to GE I cannot go there so let me see how can I extend that because I don’t remember where is this okay yeah so I need.

To go I need to go here in the life now then here webinar you’re at this and then I have to right here on the chat.

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