Webinar | How To Create Your Own Ros Live Class

If that’s a if it allows me yeah you’re there it is okay there you got the link yeah they didn’t want to get it here and do all the mess but it’s okay finally I had to do it anyway no worries everything for the super audience.

That we have here okay so guys so that’s all do you only think that you need to.

Do in order to get that that project is click on that link.

And then you will get automatically redirected to the browser see the copy will fit on in case that you don’t have an account at the Bross es will allow you to create a free account and then just go through that’s it okay okay hey LaRon Thank you.

Very for the the book about the training of our team thank you very much and that is all you know that in case that you have more questions you can put the questions we need this video once it’s finished it would allow you to ask questions there and then we’ll answer the questions as they arrive so thank you very.

Much everyone for attending this and see you Ron remember next next Tuesday another life class so let me see yeah so bye bye guys.

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