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I didn’t really I can delete Isaac emotion for inside what I would think you know go like me here more for you I don’t know you a bastard me suggestive guru for the calf inside the bathtub you saw an iguana Kathy and I watch you sort of stay cool and just want the room then trust me appeals please.

Are foolish okay that’s for me looking nice the clients on the man big time we usually do be tryna keep the money from how to thank you solid business our bed give it hell – who are exactly you give the more evil Jo and.

Her mom yeah I had a week hiya : z one I was talking you know Ronna with Jo for.

Aha 60 arabic now the more table have some properties right a mom to see okay I’m not going to us and we are collectively okay Lou Marini okay we shall determine a virgin Jolla here in the to ask just Basilica so magnificent oh did she oh good I was trying to text you and call you don’t get you are you okay or solely to me about if.

She be treated in hospital I wouldn’t be definitely where I am talking here all right I’m waiting for you it’s.
Not right it’s a temple to see a man naked under.

13 sir living in our tradition can we meet from Greenwood yes it feels like a dream looks a little beautiful any pictures I don’t understand you to understand it just keeps my toilet please no.

I more hot what anymore hot sexy with this one’s work well also women she be they come in one report mm-hmm and talk okay why video infinite if you like you doing magic in jail well.

You fuck up soon well since I said it is a good dance I pay that first time our shy don’t be shy lassie you fool like that small.

Business go hungry good in total you said you don’t lend it to your head – oh hey that’s my business go to fuck up later let’s go tech man you said you shot do they sell for like inside you pay plenty of inside none when it’s your head die already dead for.

Life is I never delay meeting for life inside small business a shot small business go carry Monica you candidates are you shy the water Chintu we capable Joe keep.

Your horn shut up are you up a little bit to get marijuana he can keep some behavior someone canceled on ain’t shows as oh no it should be every one every day sometimes we were them so much we should be give me no space today he’s a good man telling a bitchy.

Carnage can target over a little and rapoo way I make whom they’re good at picked a move she started fuck oh I’ll give up I noticed and I’m sure she did good you know they.

Give me flashing eliminate you fool give up I do want an I don’t want him on our.

People I know see the chatter lever that we did do awful night but she good at at each did talked and acidity do me I don’t know she wouldn’t give me any filler yeah we decided I would love to go so I don’t do anything MC.

I will fuck all our stuff the money ashes did Amanda give are about to put another wanna give and Ramona but let’s didn’t give olanta guys you can give me 50 percent and kick their ass really wish they’d take me.

Boo Tommy I the watch I do want are at Ibaka yeah you finish Yahoo I would touch you can because if something make me understand what’s going on here come on up here what’s not real I’m here for you I’m real what’s going on tell me do you know what’s not real you thinking one tell me it is any problem I can solve it.

For you promise I’m here for you I just came for you oh my no the household Oh nobody else I.

Gotta talk to you Oh Sally what’s up I wanna maybe I wanna lay the bed and I’m gonna love.

But you do again that kids that you give me I wanna be your man you gotta you think Angela I wanna be your man Oh I cannot do this anymore no.

I want you’re not useless you don’t care about me you don’t care about what happens to me out there are you three words it’s beautiful you know yep love me – music – nice and the eyes.

Are the beholder and when you find it that special someone it’s so beautiful it’s all beautiful love is so beautiful it’s all beautiful you feel like you’re on top.

Of the world and you’re with the it’s so beautiful it’s a beautiful beautiful it’s a beautiful when your love.

You get the strength to fight it all by it all and when you’re in.

Love you always feel brand-new it’s a beautiful beautiful I wanted the job with them ourselves you I’m so happy and glad to be here this for.

You and I’ve been with you like really really something I can’t even I can’t even imagine series so I’d like to say one thing I can leave back home without you your name is Quinn summary person I witnessed was wrong.

The race after we started talking I judge you $6,000 which is said to my mother hospital few months after that we sent one of five thousand dollars.

Without to that let’s go to school and I need some stuff I wake up that I did $5,000 recently they have got the carton in each word I was Singapore you can access your console when you.

Walk about the valley when you said to $10,000 after that I charge under $15,000 again the center of some stuff is where he sent me series after you coordinate your comments burner and I told.

You you’re welcome a week after you poor people you are my mobile I’ve been talking to you but this bitch right here was harvested to herself but it’s much i came to me anymore I’m in love with you.

We make mistakes day by day sticking in a fight each day they’re counting on touch upon but inside I’m so I might look inside never I’ll take people never let you and I need you on the.

Side and the promise you and never lets me go I’ll take it and I’ll never let you.

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