Halloween Look: Easy Werewolf Makeup Tutorial | Neyahnecole

Hey what’s up guys they should ground me in the comment I am back when I’m not that media oh you’re this werewolf animalistic look took me for ever ok these Halloween looks is taking everything out of me out of my comfort zone it ain’t my normal cute little beat that I beat Joe my god is hard but you.

Tell me we got a countdown to Halloween to bring off some looks like a sleigh mm all right so if you want to see this werewolf look stay tuned hey guys let’s get started so this process I’m just laughs because this was terrible trying to glue.

Down my eyebrows don’t do this that I just want to include it because I did it and I filmed it I’m just bringing Elmer’s glue on my brows now I’m setting it away my airspun setting about there’s a whole part was just an epic fail using foundation this is just Maybelline blending it out on my face saunders covering the powder with some foundation.

Making sure you can’t see it really trying to cover these brows but I guess my brows are.

So fake dark they just don’t like to cover so you’ll see me a couple times in this video which are to fix and covered these eyebrows but the way I did it wasn’t epic fail just to let y’all know I look crazy and my job I’ve had my eyebrows look like this before because.

The lady took my eyebrows anyways now I’m concealing with my you know my favorite my age rewind.

My Maybelline going up to the brow you Lee and baby blue baby just oneness as you normally would with a damp beauty blender I didn’t really try to bring that much it’s just for Halloween look so what.

Needs to be perfect you know I mean I blended it all the way out but wasn’t necessarily just trying to be like a perfect without word or number beat day you know set you and I cause you know you don’t want to crease up even though this.

Is a Halloween mood now I’m attempting to do these pointed werewolf barbells they came out pretty nice besides the part.

Couldn’t cover so I’m just drawing it with a pencil because I didn’t use the dip brow pomade how I usually do so I used wood you can see I was kind of confused and frustrated the fact that I couldn’t go over the glue and the powder and.

Completely the way I really wanted to I was so lost it out looks crazy and I’m just gonna continue the film though its brows you do the front part as you normally would for bra and.

Just take it up to get the little spike look very different than how you usually wear our pearls but again this is the Halloween look this isn’t about being a beautiful it’s about being an animal spooley amount so they look like hair mmm now I’m taking my pills base I don’t know why are you betting instead of oh that’s cuz I thought it would be a little more full coverage to cover them hairs on the end again but.

Just carve out some brows oh nothing too major people he’s based on your lean because I did this kind of heavy because I was doing a smoky eye and I’m not really used to doing a dark smoky eye like I did so we’re just taking our.
Normal color that I always put in my crease.

The transition color and blending her all the way out it’s like an orange color now I’m going in with a lighter brown it’s out of a.

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