Halloween Look: Easy Werewolf Makeup Tutorial | Neyahnecole

Dubious place Africa palette it’s like a brown laundry color that I’m placing right here and I’m just buffing her.

All the way out and taking her out further than my eyes so that we can get that nice I guess wing look with the eye the cat eye to eye but I was going for just taking her all the way out look at that.

Terrible brows bothering me.

As I’m watching this just intensifying that color some and blending her and buffing her out all that hair is bothering me.

My eyebrows now I’m putting some more people away space on my leg just because I don’t have a dark jail liner I could use for my lady.

To make sure this is dark I’m allergic to most of them sell them use them so now I’m taking a brown I’m just packing that on my lid we should already know how Brown looks go pack blend pack blend till.

You get the desired color that’s exactly what I did here blends her out honey butter all the.

Way out don’t get her no Marcy don’t let her peek through not being blended okay again look the epic fail brows trying to cover the brows kid I’m telling you guys I did this so many times and it was an epic fail every.

Time I just don’t understand how people just cover their brows and I hair don’t come through taking that brown to start to smoke a little bit and putting it under the lash line now I’m.
Taking like a black gray color.

And I’m just packing out on my leg to add a little more color dimension to my and then we’re going to blend to it you know how we feel about blending just blend to Campbell number okay now I’m attempting to do.

That little cat eye in the front part of the tear duct but I just want to do a regular lines right now to give me a guide and yeah it’s very hard but easy the same time I’m sorry that it’s blurry right here I.

Guess I was out of focus but I couldn’t tell when I was really doing.

It of course personal now I’m just doing the bottom line to wear it commit now I’m going in with some white eyeliner just to open the eye a little bit more give it a little scary look now I am taking some black shadow and just kind of smudging it on the bottom line and then I’m creating a little opening with the eye kind.
Of making it animalistic I don’t.

Really know how to explain what I.

Did so you’re gonna have to just see it now I am chiseling the cheeks adding shadows contouring whatever you want to call it but this is the beginning of making my skin the animalistic highlighted way I guess you can call it just adding shadows to the face not making the little widow’s peak that most wolves had werewolves have yeah because I don’t have actual widow’s peak on my own so I had to make it I’m going on with.

A darker brown to add a little more shadow and I’m blending it out I’m going with the black to add some.

More shadows to the base I’m just putting that kind of my high.

Points where I would usually put highlight but just using black instead to add a canvas finish and a little dimension to the face you need this to be super snatch so I’m contouring the heck out of my jawline with this dark shadow just blend her all the way out since I really wanted the bone structure in the face structure of like animalistic I carved out a lot of places in my face with power just to make them you know where the shadows start and how contour they.

Really look so that’s what I’m doing here with the powder just wiping at all taking it off but you can see how to find it made my look my face look here I’m getting juice cuz I’m starting to really like it now it’s time to contour the nose and also add like the hair.

Strips but they have so I’m just doing this at the tip of my brow and I’m gonna even so just bring it all the way down to the nose it’s gonna look like hair which is really cool yeah nice I’m gonna clean up that contour because most animals nose.

And stuff is it willing to come to its knowledge so it.

Didn’t don’t mean it’s really smashing me I’m just pushing it in going back in with a darker brown to have some I think I’m having a little more black here because it wasn’t to my satisfaction so just add a little more.

To the living shadows going under the eye adding some powder to lighten it up there to clean her up some adding that scare so we could finish off the highs you.

Know of me oh look there’s never completely peddling winery I just felt like.

Everyone it was definitely necessary for this look so I mean you can decide if you want to add it or not but a winged eyeliner is always a great idea to me so you know what you do not to clean it up some so I ended up there kind of.

Messed up spraying my face before I start the hair strokes adding some lashes these lashes.

Really made my lip pop since I didn’t have the high context but I wanted had to just improvise now I’m adding some.

From some liquid eyeliner off of our angled brush and just making the hair strokes higher than actual hair to animalistic you know because part was really clear to me actually my browser turned out to be one of my favorite parts even though they look a little terrible now I’m just starting a guide to where I could just add the hair on my face.

This is again with liquid eyeliner on an angled brush and I am just flicking the brush really to just add hair strokes nothing too technical like.

It’s super super easy to do even though this look took me forever to do I don’t know what happened to like all the other footage but I guess my camera is overheated.

And whatnot but I’m still just adding strokes now I’m going in with brown instead of black this is a shadow and I’m just adding brown shadows so I realized that because I didn’t want like the liner and stuff to be in my hairline so I went around my hairline with eyeshadow and here I’m just taking a brown.

Pencil that I used for my eyebrows and I’m drawing hair on my nose and I’m going around I face what I was saying was I added some.

Shadow contour shadow around my hairline just cuz I didn’t really want all that crap in my hair woman so I just kind of improvise.

To fillory and some starting to come out how I want.

It now I’m adding some white liner this.

Is from NYX and it’s just to add a little more dimension to the look and some more color you can add as much as you moon I kind of was just eyeing it as you can see so here I’m taking.

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