Halloween Look: Easy Werewolf Makeup Tutorial | Neyahnecole

My NYX black eyeliner and I am just creating the.

Nose and I’m just setting it in nothing major just drawing the nose keeping a real simple now it’s time for final touches I there a lot of my final touches off of camera but you’ll see what I did once you see my ending video and I was so excited about how I moved I was proud of myself are y’all feeling this the doll feel this I know I did small little details off.

Of camera I did like the little fake teeth because I didn’t have the context like I wanted can’t find them anywhere so I had to like draw some teeth I didn’t have no teeth either so I was like.

What can like substitute to still bring this to ISIL we got the tea well there’s no if you feel like if you love feline is something like you feel me like I did I played so much but if you guys recreate this or if you like this make sure you like comment and subscribe go ahead and share with.

They don’t know what they’re gonna be for Halloween they could just do this look and if you want to do an outfit for this if you don’t want to be cold.

I would say put on a flannel type of shirt with some jeans that’s a cool boat where would look or if you’re trying to be a cute little sexy little werewolf put a.

Little bodysuit on girl and some heels to kill them okay kill them and you can get the cute little werewolf headband with the little ears or.

Whatever I do recommend a high ponytail tease or like I have a half up half down tease and you know just call it a cute little dang like you feel me if you go into a last-minute party you don’t have a costume go ahead and just start this beat on and keep it pushing you feel me or if you got a costume and you don’t want to wear it no more do that or if you’re going to.

A party at you really don’t want to go to but you got to show y’all face so you’re not trying to wear your actual costume to that function girl guess what you should do do this face you feel me oh you guys like to know I think I look crazy but I actually really.

Like I’m really proud of myself a stepping on my comfort zone.

So I hope you guys enjoy it too I’ll see you guys on next video.

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