0 To 10k – An X-theboywonder Story

Yo what’s going on guys your boy Exeter and today I finally decide to make this video um this will be the 0 to 10 K video you know basically how I started my channel and where we are now you know I supposed to do this video like earlier this week but has been busy this whole week and I.

Know I’m gonna be busy next time so I was like I gotta do it now so how are you know where to really begin I guess you know the beginning um firstly you know well firstly I.

Just want to say thank you to all that’s here you know without y’all wouldn’t have gotten a 10k that’s actually like a big milestone for me and you’ll see you’ll see in a second why a big mouthful milestone for me I just.
I don’t know I guess I didn’t really figure it I was like.

You know starting a channel.

Basically you really don’t know where you’re gonna begin you don’t know where you’re how far you’re gonna get basically and you know you could be doing it for years and not get far you could be doing it you know just for you know like maybe one year a couple days in my blog but all of this depends you know YouTube is a very weird I.

Pins but um start at the beginning for me basically I remember like it was yesterday you know me and my brother we had an apartment together a very expensive apartment very expensive one day when.

His friends I came over you know we got some drinks we drunk a little food and he was telling us basically how he you know he created a website and he wanted to basically you know get exposure to different artists or you know creative people and just put him on his website so they can get his spotlight which I.

Thought was a cool idea you know and you know he said he just did it out of a whim you know did it out the blue you know was something that he wanted to do though but you know.

You know I might as well finally do this get his idea throw it out there everything he didn’t know how successful is gonna be you know it was none of these successful but he know he wants to do it and is there some more stuff but that was basically the sort of the story.

And that expired and that’s expired that inspired me that day because uh if you didn’t know I didn’t mention this a couple times on my channel me me and my friend Chris who knows on this channel a couple of times and my brother we actually had a channel together where we were doing skits and whatnot.

You don’t want to tell you all the name of the job I tell you on a later date back we got it’s still love it’s the love language but we did like a couple of skids here in there and we have to go our separate ways not.

Really because of anybody it.

Was more like time constraints on different people like you know we weren’t all really free at the same time so that’s why we hadn’t really posted anything on the channel oh.

But going back to what I was saying you know that is fine because I like since we weren’t doing anything with that channel I wanted to make my own channel but not revolving around skits like I knew.
I wanted to do something to evolve around like.

Gaming and anime so basically you know if that show did come back we could go back to doing skits well I have my own channel where.

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