0 To 10k – An X-theboywonder Story

I’ll be doing you know anime and gaming so it’d be two different things now after that very inspirational speech by my brother’s friend that night I decide you know what f it I’m making my channel I’m making it today I did I knew it I didn’t know the name I didn’t really know the artwork.

Anything I just knew I want to make a channel so I’ve made it and there was it that’s hot beginning you know like I said I’ve always loved anime for the longest time longest time ever since you know way back I want to say like middle school and started watching anime but you know you know we started with Dragon Ball Z for me and even Pokemon you know a lot of people don’t know pokemons and me but yeah like with.

Those two and all the Toonami stuff basically so you know I wanted to do an amine or again now when I started my channel obviously at the beginning you want to like you know get your friends get your friend you know start you off with a few subscribers basically and that’s what I told a couple.

People that I was making they subscribe to me that’s how it was now my first video I remember like it was yesterday my first video and that’s actually another reason why I started my channel because the trunks are.

Kiss pardon or Dragon Ball super and y’all know me.

Trunks is my favorite Dragon Ball Z characters bar none.

I don’t care everybody else trunks and I mean future trends not kitchens but future trucks favorite character all the time still is but his art was started with Goku black and I knew I.

Wanted to talk about that and basically you know so that’s how you know I started without my first video I was talking about trunks and what I would expect it from the art I swear I swear trunks better not come back to this path and I have no new tricks up this video I was actually right when most the stuff.

I said is crazy it was crazy like I had a future sinus um but uh you know so that’s my first video and it wasn’t like I wanted to start with I mean you know it’s not like I wanted to I guess you say do reactions I didn’t even really know I want to do reactions but basically.

When I started my channel I was doing like reviews I was doing like discussion video stuff like that which I’ve gotten kind of gotten away with the discussion videos which I’m probably gonna bring back and you know close future but yeah so you know that’s what I was.

Doing and you know I was doing reviews and I know a lot of people do review so I want to do a twist on my refuse so I kind of did like little skits at the beginning of my reviews going back and looking at so it uh but they are a bit corny but some of them I still think I’m pretty funny you know.

These we’re not started the channel I always told.

Myself that’s what I wanted to do best you know I want the definitely entertain people make people laugh.

You know you got some bitch out there like informational you got some channels there gameplay my you know very good you know they you know it’s just like amazed my channel always just want to make ya’ll laugh and tan y’all through that.

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