0 To 10k – An X-theboywonder Story

Way so uh I feel like I’ve done a good job so far I definitely can do better but uh that’s all start the challenge you know and even going into the reviews I can already tell you out my.

At the beginning before review was definitely my Gohan’s funeral skit like when he talked that batsu Babu and whoop his ass that’s the go on I wanna remember not this piece of shit that’s laying right in front of me I wanna burn it.

I didn’t have a green screen by the way like if you go back and look at that video I did not have a green screen what I did was I was the Walmart and I.

Got like some green construction paper I got like four of them I think and I taped them together and that’s really how you can do that if you want to clean screen if you want like a bootleg green screen you can do that and that’s what I did for that video I basically taped it to.

My wall to put a suit on everything it was funny I still think it’s funny to this day y’all make sure y’all gonna look at that but yeah definitely not on my finger one now moving water on them when.

I got to 1,000 subscribers and I got to a thousand.

So quickly like I was like whoa I can’t believe how fast I got put out I think I got to a.

Thousand like before a year like I think like I was just like really growing and not only was I review and.

Dragon Ball super but I was also reviewing mom cycling 100 yeah I haven’t watched my second 100 definitely go watch that I still can’t wait for season.

2 definitely love my son around and.

I believe around a thousand subscribers is when I started to do live reactions now I don’t remember why I started doing over actions I think I live react to an opening of Dragon Ball super if I’m not mistaken and I saw how much views I got from that and I was.

Like whoa this is crazy people really liking reactions like that’s it like what and I understand cuz you know there’s some.

Like live reactions like lazy or not creative or whatever and it’s like stealing from people which I understand that it’s kind of true but at the same time like at least in my case like I’m actually subscribed something like to live reactions and the reason I’m subscribed to their personality and like you know like what they to the discussion basically you know what they talk about in the live reactions because they’re just so funny when they live really I’m a live react to stuff and like what I want.

For sure is when I’m live reacting I’ve wanted to like you know you know throw some jokes in there and you know commentating while I’m watching episode and I’ve seen comments of people they’re like oh stop talking while you’re watching episode you’re missing some good and information and all this stuff like that and I’m missing.

Stuff you know talking to y’all whatever you know you talk too much but I mean I’ve done that since the beginning you know I’ve always wanted to do that make ya’ll laugh watch an episode good with other reactors you know and I’m not talking about anybody specifically but you know some people want to react and they’re just like watched an episode and you know it’s like I don’t know why I ain’t born you know they’re not talking and I really engaged with the episode with me I’ve always liked my.

Watching episode I want to make ya’ll laugh while watching it at the same time giving out information and I’ve also you know going in today like around a thousand area I was doing my reactions and review separately now the reason why I combine them as though like I think after.

I got like the two time subscribers that’s when I started to combine them and I started to combine them just because you know I didn’t I guess you could say time consumption you know cuz it was like I had to pop a reaction after export it and if y’all know if you don’t know anything about exporting like the longer video a lot I’m gonna take the export and exporting for.

Me I use put more it takes a minute it takes a while my videos right now to export take about.

Like an hour 30 minutes so y’all can get adjusted what I mean but by combining both the reaction the review is basically you know like I can just do one video and just pop it out for you guys so you know if you like me from our reactions you can watch the reaction if you like me from our reviews you can go ahead.

Skip to my review or if you like both watch the whole video so that’s why I basically combined both of them now around a time when I got to like 3,000 and how do you remember when my first giveaway it was but it definitely was I think around a thousand area which the giveaway is government for this by the way also hopefully next check I can do it you.

Know when you want to do something this stuff starts to go wrong that’s what happens you know car troubles and bills and blah blah but the giveaway is coming guys don’t worry oh but your.

Giveaway it was real fun to actually do a giveaway you know I think that was my first time ever doing a giveaway in life oh and it was fun you know uh go to.

Giving people a favor the gift cards for Hamazon everything it was it was quite like giving back basically and I do love that I.

Love giving back and I love helping people and all that stuff so anytime I can do that within this channel definitely love it now going into like I wanna say like the 5,000 mark you know it’s hard it is hard growing YouTube and I’ll say that right now for Haiti.

Buying us an up-and-comer what I did was basically every time I drop a video I would post it on Google+ like in the the blogs area for different anime find that I use amino the Mino app definitely helps cuz you know you.

The videos on there to the people and you know yeah basically I think that was the only areas i’ll post ism because I don’t I don’t know I’m a poster on like Facebook anything not cuz I’m embarrassed about what I don’t know it just never did hey speaking of that I think actually my family like some of my family just recently bought on through YouTube which is hilarious like once again not because I just didn’t want to tell them I just like yeah I don’t care if they know or not but.

Yeah I told them and I think to this day even I told my mom after you – she doesn’t know exactly what videos I do like what I do you – about but anyways like going into the 5,000 area I was just amazed that I even got that Bob’s like yo this is crazy this is real like like I’m growing.

So fast cuz going back to like our skit channel skit channel I think we was like at a couple 100 videos or whatnot and also to on that we were reviewing like TV shows like The CW shows reviewing me and Chris and honors channel you know yeah I started doing.

There hopefully he’ll come back to YouTube you know if we get up to a thousand he’ll for sure come to YouTube so if you’re watching this video cut think you like at night under something and he felt so discouraged and that’s what I wanted to talk about too because like you know you to kind of being on the air with things like how people can just copyright you for the most stupidest stuff.

Like if y’all know my channel I had recently got struck like I think there was like last month because I so random person that.

Strike one of my videos and.

He did nothing like and then Lee you know he did nothing he didn’t do this part right here with me talking he didn’t create the enemy it was just a random person that just wanted to be evil that day and I had even a message to.

My was like yo can you please take away in a strike you know this is like an unfinished I wasn’t even being Maggie not even customer I like that.

But you know this asked me and you know he uh he never replied back and I was like wow that’s crazy so that’s the way those long I think it was like once it was like two weeks I had to wait for that counter.

Strike and I can understand how discouraging it be so like with that and everything like getting copyrights everything but I just say you know just keep going because.

That’s a worth it in the long run especially like if you see progress if you see that you’re growing and everything and once you get past the BS you know your community will get you back then I remember at the beginning to going back to the beginning I remember the beginning to you know they’re you know there’s no negative comments and I don’t code people will ask me before I think on my.

Q&A videos like how you get past the negative Commerce and everything and I feel like but at least for me in my case uh the good comments are way too bad you know there are a few bad comments I see here now my videos but I see for the most part y’all like really rock with me like a community like y’all I’ve seen the comments like you know I love your reactions love your reviews you bring like all.

This like joy and light to the.

Videos and I laughter and all that you already like my lab oh no like and that’s how I have a real life to like here you know that’s me you know oh that’s another thing with my channel I always want to be like.

Trans sorry about that that’s another thing too I um I don’t want to be transparent which I’m not too transparent way I’m telling ya everything is going on my life but I would be transparent that’s how I am in real life you know I’m just goofy and everything so oh it shows in my video that I can even tell that but definitely guys when I.

Hit 10k let me tell y’all how just filled like when.

I hit 10 K I was amazed astonished like imitative.

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