0 To 10k – An X-theboywonder Story

They I cuz I don’t look at different channels and you know I would say really when you get to 100k that’s when I’m gonna make married it so hot okay I’m just.

Like mind blown but like getting the 10k like it just I wasn’t expecting to get here I really wasn’t like I was expecting to get stuck like in the thousands to be.

Honest like cuz once I need like a dolls.

And I was like oh wow this is crazy and when I got like in that area I was expecting to stay.

But when I’m like what’s going still still growing real well like and I hit 10k I’m just like wow this is real like.

I actually have like a community of people that really.

Love me love my videos come through like um I was in shock when I hit 10k I was just like just amazing thank you guys I don’t know what else to say um there are so many distractions going on around here I don’t know why but yeah like that’s really the story.

And what I wanted to do with this channel – I definitely I told myself when I had ten okay I would.

Love to do like more collabs like when I get the one with love Kings shout out love King you know he’s definitely a real funny reacted I say just like me so y’all go check him out when I did my collab with him it just reminded me like man this is like like it was real cool you know – like collab.

With people so they can have like different takes like.

Different ideas and stuff y’all can like collab with basically and I mean you know I’ve got to work obviously but me and him I think we did a good job and that just like showed me more how much I want to do collabs in the future I was having ideas like I definitely want to like collab not only with youtubers but even like my subscribers with cha.

Like I would love to like have one-on-ones which I’ll and I was actually talking to anime lover shout out to you too cuz I play with him on my playstation and we was playing to bait it up for Call of Duty and I.

Was talking to him and I was like you know I really want to have one-on-ones with some of my subscribers about different topics you know whether it involves anime or like a.

Game that’s about to come out and add so that was one thing I definitely want to shout out some channels in the future.

I don’t know how I’m gonna do it but definitely shout out some people that I know deserve more subscribers than they have like people that was coming up with me like even for example like I said with lump King with a burning bead.

You shot him other people you know just there’s a lot of people I would love to shout out that are you know doing that youtuber thing that maybe aren’t growing as fast or whatever it’s just you know just to give them some spotlight on their channel.

So I want to do that in the future as well it’s just like I have so many ideas what I want to do now is crazy and like I said first and foremost always gonna be myself guys always gonna be this big guy was gonna be all gonna be about anime and gaming.

On this channel nothing more nothing less neither definitely get into some more gaming which is gonna be coming I know that black.

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