0 To 10k – An X-theboywonder Story

Cover babies coming back as the making of this video so definitely gonna be doing that it’s just yeah so many ideas flowing in my.

That’s the other gift of being a youtuber all your ideas all yours like stuff in your head you can finally just let loose into the world all your ideas.

Thoughts and everything that’s amazing that’s why really I love doing you to you know I watch an anime I might think something and.

I just pop it on there with you guys and the reviews and all that stuff my reactions all that good stuff so that’s really the story of me going from zero to 500 and there.

Have been many videos I’d love doing like I said my first video that Johanna even when I used to play xenoverse that one video I did which I’m not even doing them there misses no more divide keep getting the fucking messages gurus under attack gurus on.

Attack gurus in danger the destruction is high I mean at one.

Point I’m praying to God I don’t see a fucking message that says boo even my little skit videos which I need to bring back when I was doing Dragon Ball super when I was chopping up different characters in an episode y’all might know but shout out the Vegeta we’re getting is W before Dragon Ball super not only surviving their blast but I don’t know how he survived that blast somebody give this man a trophy already and raro looks like you and get his hands on a Webster’s dictionary and thesaurus there’s this boy speaking more.

Than he didn’t entire songbook I need to definitely bring those back those were still like I go back and watch them a couple of times oh they’re.

Still fighting you have a few of them.

I think I’ve made a playlist y’all go check them out but that’s all guys and like like I said once again thank you all for getting me here to 10k I know we’ve had to pay down making it a video but definitely thank.

Y’all forgive me it says milestone like this is a big milestone for me this just goes to show that I’m doing something right and I’m gonna keep going but keep going definitely gonna try to hit to that 50k and I know if I get the 50k I can push myself to get to that 100 and definitely with.

You guys likes which else comments which I’m watching my videos even which I’ll share in my videos.

I know we can get there as a as a community so let’s get it guys but um that’s all.

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