October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

Hey there we go good morning good afternoon good evening whatever time it might be welcome back to my livestream my name is Jeff Fritz and we’re gonna write a little bit of code today I like to call this Fritz and Friends so today is October 6th 2018 and I’m wearing my Penn State hat today I look at that.

Even though they’re not playing this week just want to.

Show a little support for my boys in blue and white so the camera is zooming nice I got my pumpkin spiced coffee I’m feeling good hey pac-man junior IT Goran is here hello hello – nert thanks.

So much thank you so much for hosting dinner rambling geek encoded beard Glen ku is that is that ninjas 86 hello hello thank you thanks for the for the emotes there pac-man junior a mozz an ancient coder hello hello Lannon good morning good morning welcome back we’re gonna do we’re gonna do some more we’re gonna do some more Ubon Tober we’re gonna do some more coding on linux today I can’t wait I’m looking forward to this let me close down.

I’ve got a couple of extra things open here I need to get rid of I just dashed back to the house I had to take care take care of some stuff for the the fritz daughters there we go I got them cleaned up and let’s get some music playing here in the background you know what today I’m gonna play indigo there we go this is a song of course from our friend Carl Franklin who produces the music to code by songs like this.

Or about 25 minutes long about the length of a Pomodoro so that you can focus on it get stuff done it will get you in the groove get you in the flow so that whatever.

It is you need to focus on you can and everything else just kind of melts away check it out MTC bebop comm or if you’d like you can actually go out there and download not download you can set up a subscription and I think there’s about six songs that you can get for free out at music to.

Flow by dot-com I think I recognize that guy sis Mass here why are you awake so early if I if I know this man says he’s from the west coast and it’s not that early come on now. out in the West Coast it’s a wonderful time to be awake just get stuff done alright let’s uh let’s start poking around here let’s dive into this hey good morning let me make sure I’m out of t exception thank you so much for that subscription with your twitch prime and I’m gonna match that subscription and together we’ll.

Make a donation to girl develop it so that ladies and underserved minorities can learn how to write code just like we’re doing here as with every subscription you’re gonna get that C sharp bottom out you can see that Moz was showing off their pac-man jr. was showing off their in the chat room and there’s other emotes if you’d like to contribute a little bit more.

But every cheer every subscription we match and make a donation to girl development thank you so much everybody for your support if you saw me.
A few weeks ago we made we made a very.

Donation to those folks basically covered all of their costs for for one year to to teach classes to two women and two girls really great stuff I’m thrilled to be.

Able to support them I hate Justin Horner Elwood there’s angular mix here let me see it’s that way I’m gonna be an angular mix this week that’s a great conference at Universal Studios in Florida we’re gonna be teaching folks how to use angular and asp.net together and I think it’s gonna be a ton of fun sis mass on a Saturday yeah why not be up early on a Saturday early bird gets the worm and gets a nice cup of coffee hey brave Cobra now.

If you saw me yesterday I was struggling a little bit with getting getting Linux up and running inside of hyper-v on Windows 10 now number of folks said you know what hyper-v is not really the way to do this because Microsoft’s got some things in there that make it difficult make it a little tricky and we figured.

Them out by the end of the show we had it all figured out and I actually heard from some of the folks on the windows subsystem for Linux team and they basically said yeah those are known issues I’m not sure I’m too thrilled with that but okay so I still have Windows 10 up and running here let’s see if we can get.

My hyper-v Linux instance up and running today’s gonna be a long day going to a hackathon in about an hour Oh Lannon that sounds.

Like a that sounds like a great day so I’m gonna start my uh.

Bun 2 machine here no I thought I renamed this anyone cancel starting stop that I thought I renamed this machine yeah rename I wanted to name this new blonde Tober and then let’s get it.

Started so you bonked Ober right I’m being being funny naming naming it that because everything this month all throughout the month of October we’re gonna be developing we’re gonna be working with dotnet on Linux Ubuntu Linux and it’s gonna be we’re gonna prove just how cool it is to work.

With Linux and dotnet together we did this a few months ago of course you remember we did maze for max so let’s do let’s do some want to happen there what happen there is this I don’t know what this is are you kidding let’s try that again connecting yeah are you kidding does it.
Get any goofier I mean like.

This is supposed to be full screen are you kidding me like what the heck is that hang on it’s like it’s using.

My vert my vertical session yeah full screen that’s better it’s like it was getting confused and using a different monitor there we go you like my background I went and found went and found a little bit more Linux II.

A background yeah I’ve got the cat the ninja cat on the Windows 10 background needed to have a penguin back there what do we got let’s take a look back at the chat room was lucky you.
Had auto log-in disabled so my.

Install worked out of the box in minutes out vs code or writer I think we’re going to.

Use vs code a bit here awesome background.

Thank you we’re running Ubuntu on hyper-v is what we’re gonna be using here goodell of vanish yeah all right so let’s take a look-see here umm I configured I configured my machine to share folders so that I could share my drive over here and you can see there’s my C Drive and I can.

Bounce back over there and get back to my windows contents if I needed to now what was what was interesting about this is there’s another bug in hyper-v that you need to be aware of if.

You want to share folders like this you cannot share printers and share.

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