October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

On a background so we can look like I might want to delete the white now let’s leave them around ancient coder they will be side by side what do you mean my sub gift badge will now cover my coffee mugs I mean no no no they yet they do go side by side check it.

Out our hawk not in the chat over there that’s burned in but Sarah just replied a hang on Sarah just replied on Twitter she’s.

Very interested in joining fantastic and I do have I do have some drool BOTS look.

At that I even got it with the green so you can’t see it but I.

Do have some drool BOTS maybe we’ll work on some drool BOTS together here on stream with Sara anybody without a subscription take it easy.

There brave Cobra take it easy not sure how to assist with that.

Unfortunately I focus on everything twitch dev okay a little C++ coding with me would be front so I know just enough C++ to be dangerous how I don’t have yeah just a love just enough but a.

C++ would be a little bit different to do here on stream I can I can’t cheer for some reason no matter what browser I use or if I’m on mobile do I have any fixes for cheering cheering right you should have the little bits icon down at the bottom it should be available for you to use let me see let me see let’s let’s do this I want to.

Put I’m going to update the ticker up at the top here I’m gonna do a couple things here and.

Then we’ll get back into code where do I want to go I need to get back into Windows see dev stream so inside my stream i have a tools folder that has all my environment variables that I used let me let’s make sure I don’t screw this up and let’s come back over here I want to make sure I don’t get that my environment variables with all my.

Keys opened up over top of my code someone just come over here I have the environment variables off to the side thank you so much for that kind cheer that’ll be another match that we send over to.

Girl develop it oh my gosh alright I’m going to find where is it the repository list here it is so I’m going to include fritzsche livestream in the repository list so that we can get that list appearing on the scoreboard up top so let me see I’ll restart this restart the widgets.

On there it goes and then I’m gonna get that github scoreboard let’s refresh.

That up top so that you will see stream tools and then it’ll be the core wiki and then you’ll see the live stream will come through with all these subs eventually you’ll have enough money to create Microsoft 2.0 no no no we’re not gonna go quite that far all right I can close that now and that’ll pop up there yeah ancient code or you.

Know to me if actually if you do L capital L capital u capital L you’ll get the laughing a moat to appear there if you do that instead of.

Lol so there’s the core wiki numbers going across and we should see there it is fritz livestream top for the week there you go our Hawk.

You’re on the scoreboard why am i clapping why am i clapping there we go thank you so much for those um so now what I can do what’s the next step if I want to try and submit that get that working I’m gonna have to.

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