October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

Do this in Windows okay let’s do it in Windows dev Ritz livestream and if I get pull.

That I’ll get the images down locally here there they are all right which.

Means they’re on Windows so I need Firefox on Windows there it is um come over here and I’ll go to the affiliate partner tab no no no no no loyalty badges there they are my lame badges the way they are right now we’re gonna I’ll start to deleting yourself could negatively.

Impact your subscribers well it.

Won’t let me edit so I have to delete it and riad it so they’ll disappear for a little bit am i right blue lava i think they’ll you’ll get the default star badges yeah okay all right so let’s delete and then.

I will re-upload these and I’m coming out of C dev Fritz livestream images badges we don’t need no steam look at that look at that it’s.

Beautiful so we’re gonna do the.

Purple ones first so the 18 is 18 18 purple and then we’ll do 36 36 purple and then this will be 72 72 purple yeah I do own the rights to all those okay and then I’ll do the three months.

Oh it’s over here delete that one and we’ll re-upload and we’ll do 18 18 36 36 those look really good oh my gosh.

Six months and it’s 18 18 blue and 36 36 yep now that they do look a little similar all right go to the Year get rid of that one nobody has the Year yet because I haven’t been around a year go figure gold and gold cool.

They’re live already are you kidding No thank you so much Tura can I Wow thank you so much I yeah kind of a agree we’re.

Live they’re coming through now I’m not getting it in they are coming through that’s awesome.

Right so if I go over to the channel here I’m gonna see myself for a minute that’s a bad thing so are they let me see the chatroom pop-up they are coming through the subscribing is subscribing the best way to help me well that’s just.

I don’t need need help that’s why I donate my subscriptions I want to make sure that we we help other folks who do need help yeah look at that they are coming through look at that Maz with the red one awesome great job our Hawk you need help.

That’s why we’re here that is great so it won’t refresh on on the chat until I refresh that I believe they’re they’re probably cash there but I see the little purple purple ones look really good but I think the blue one does need to go a little bit darker if.

We if I don’t know our hawk if you want to if you want to try making it just making the blue one a little bit brighter blue or darker blue yes I’m here to help you that’s right ancient coder and they look.

Good in dark mode as well let’s say where’s isn’t dark mode up here dark mode oh yeah Wow it is part of my job yes the red looks good right the red looks good but the the blue looked very much like the the purple yeah bit law asks.

What is angular mix angular mix is a is a professional developer conference in the United States being hosted in Orlando that oh look at this now I did I’ve angered Linux that teaches all about the angular framework and it’s gonna be live at Universal Studios Florida all kinds of speakers here folks that you know from the angular.

Community Brad green John Papa Dan Wally.

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