October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

But I will be there teaching a bit about how to use asp net with.

Angular so so I saw somebody lithics is is gonna help.

Out with the URL friendly method here that’s holy crow somebody put another pull request in vs code workspace with files excluding for typical vs tempo paths um they should be hidden you’re right how cool a.

Great idea uh who wrote this Simon very good idea thank you for putting that together yes yes I will take that in a heartbeat thank you very much for that contribution this will make my vs code experience make our BS.

Code experience better awesome stuff awesome Thank You Simon so let me pull that down do this Oh which which folder did you which project did you push that into got to make sure I.

Grabbed the right one put it into dev okay so what I will do and which branch of my own first.

Start what did I change didn’t so long since I wrote code sorry okay get check out dev get pull you know right that exits there it is now if I go back to our project and merge okay and that should clean up right.

Vs code so I’m not gonna focus on this issue with the URL helpers right now that’s fine to focus on angular mixes angular in the enterprise there you go salt on stream earlier and that you didn’t want.

To deal with it then so I did for you oh thank you angular with dotnet core is great since ancient coder yeah I I’ve definitely had that experience angular.

Without net core is great and I do want to have some angular folks on.

To show us an angular front-end for core wiki I think.

It’s a great opportunity to to learn angular from the get-go and and be able to show that I need to open the workspace let’s uh I want to close close the folder open workspace.

All right there we go been in obser going cool even though I am a programmer I don’t do c-sharp I’m mostly here for the community but I do like the coding and projects well thank you our Hawkeye appreciate you joining us even though you don’t.

Do c-sharp maybe maybe you’ll see some things here um that you’ll enjoy can’t get at the URL helpers class from there I can see what why that you are all friendly method is duplicated it.

Can’t it’s being used in the domain we’ll need the API back-end to do an angular front-end yes brave Cobra yes you can also migrate everything in your vs code folder to that workspace but only.

One do them in one that’s fine yeah so our Hawk if we do some things here in c-sharp that that interest you I hope maybe maybe.

You take a take a shot and try some in the future if not that’s ok too but I want to at least share and see if there’s if there’s stuff that folks would like to learn ok so.

We started down the project first start bits let me go back to that we started we solve the area getting built and we have the right the options here to write to create a new there we go the defaults here so the administrator username the password long and random choose a database and the connection string so let’s think through this and let’s I it’s Robert tables.

Good morning there my weeks been going very well we it’s we’ve been having a lot of sub subscriptions this morning a lot of new followers I’m thrilled with the activity on one stream today and I’m gonna go I’m gonna go a little bit longer here as a thanks for all the folks who have been participating and contributing here.

It’s been a lot of fun but for now we need get back into some code and just thank you Shia LeBouf and we’re gonna write the code it can be done exactly how I want it exactly I wanted the only.

Question is are you the man to do it I am the man to do it we are going to do it thank you for the subscription Robert I appreciate that and yes James Monta Matt Montenegro or do you mean Monta magno the the xamarin guy he’s he’s he’s actually been streaming a.

Little bit here this morning I hope I’m not clobbering his audience but little Bobby tables has all grown up yes Robert tables is here sis MMus so Robert tables you I see you a lot over there on on no up cap I.

Nearly said it noop cats channel actually you know what I’ve got over here let me see if I can find it real quick right make sure I say it right because here’s how it should be said there it is I have this previously on oh it cut off previously.

On do I tell you it cut off but it says previously on Newt cat anyways a huge fan of handful of folks that like a small family here you’re right Robert tables.

And we’re growing and that’s one.

Thing that I know the folks at twitch really like is that we’re growing and we want to make I want to make education.

And learning about software development something that’s free and easy for anybody thank you for the follow bit long and this is a little bit of my my I want to say it’s kind of my mission now you know if you.

Want that premium experience let’s go to a conference let’s meet in person and work together on things and I’m happy to to help you out with whatever your problem might be in person if that’s what you’d like but if you if you’re just getting started if.

Access the materials and learn and ask questions to to experts like myself if you if you agree that I’m an expert and if you want to participate that’s great we’re happy to encourage and review and work together so that we all learn.

Together and become better developers and that’s what I’m trying to do a bit with visual studio channel and my channel here and you see other folks coming online we saw a mole and worth he’s one of the he’s the lead program manager on the.net team and he’s teaching folks how to build a compiler he’s doing that on his own.

Channel but it’s syndicated on the visual studio Channel James Monta Magna was teaching folks how to use dotnet standard and how to use xamarin forms that’s being syndicated over on the visual studio channel as well and we’re.

I don’t it doesn’t matter to me what technology you use but I.

Want us to learn together I want that opportunity to be available to everybody and.

I’m thrilled that folks like blue lava and the and the twitch staff are encouraging and in supporting this growth that we’re trying to do you teach people how to use nodejs on your channel awesome our.

Hawk I did not know that let me let me make sure I through I throw you a follow over there that’s not the right one wrong Firefox this Firefox let’s let’s make sure we throw our Hawk.

A follow here there we go let’s do a follow over here thank you hey that’s me alright.

Yeah we’re confusing the crap out of the player gonna upload some of your projects to github yeah go for it but we we changed the rainbow beard to December 1 says ask gutierrez dev yes so here’s the deal we’re not gonna make we’re not going to.

Make it to October 20 that’s two weeks away five thousand we’re not going to make it so what we’ve done is we have opened up and we’ve said let’s let’s make this go until and I see your comment there about pull requests our lock let’s make this go to December 1 and if we do get the 5,000.

By December 1 I will do the rainbow beard all week at dev intersection and it’ll be a ton of fun ok moving on let’s see here so there’s a another pull request is it over here in core wiki or going back over in live stream no don’t see one here in live stream yeah.

So I accepted that an other pull request you you’re gonna need to create another one you should have it as URL friend lead property which is already there being slug yes I have.

The domain do the checking right ok good brief cover is there a place to learn about twitch like twitch 101 asks uh-oh I forgot when you asked me to call you good dalla what what.

How to broadcast on Twitch or are you looking for how to participate on Twitch hey there we go if you’re looking for how to participate on Twitch I was putting together a 10 minute video on that and I think I.

Need to finish that what are those icons below extensions in the sidebar of Visual Studio code so below extensions this is the this is live test this will run.

All my unit tests if I’d like right run it should be running wish I could just expand everything here I’ve got so much nesting so there we go now you.

Can see they’re running and we’ll get some reports on that the.

Last one is Visual Studio Live share which we use to communicate and pair program with other folks but we did change the rainbow beard bit out to December.

First when am i coming to Europe again I have an invite to speak in Stockholm from our friends Jessica and Jimmy angstrom coming up in February I’m looking at doing that.

It’s also great to stream while you’re learning because.

Others will help you to while they’re watching yes crowd-sourced pair programming they call that mob programming in some.

Places but it very much is for-profit education is such a travesty folks need to get paid the fact of the matter is folks need to get paid otherwise they won’t be able to continue doing it I’m fortunate and that my employer encourages this type of interaction there was all the stuff from our Hawk this should help with.

WFC soap rainbow Sansa what did Mars have for it okay did how to participate okay and Ave all right so here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna put online so I have a I have a list of things that I need to look I need to come in on that and UTF JSON we.

Started looking at video on how to participate on Twitch I started working on this and I think I’ll finish that I already have some content built and I also need to finish video on six months update for core wiki I will do.

Those later today right did you stream one visual studio channel about streaming I did and I posted it to.

My YouTube channel if you’re interested in how to stream c-sharp fritz yeah somebody can dig that up and there’s a.

Link to it on YouTube calm sea sharp fritz you’ll see that there you go behind the scenes setting up the visual studio.

Channel let’s see what do we got so this is the blue update we were talking about view that one how does that compare side by side with the purple let’s.

There it goes fritz won’t let me pull yet until I accept mmm let’s do this view image and then if I.

Rats it opened it in the same folder copy image location open a new tab paste it there alright go back let’s look at the purple next to it thank you for the follow who’s that inspire fly thank you so much for that.

Follow it’s a view image there and now let’s see.

If we can put the two side-by-side I love that the windows left and right works here in Linux so with.

The two side-by-side see they look right they look really similar that’s and that’s.

The comment is right when we have two folks side by side they look very similar thanks for stopping by brave Cobra I really appreciate you joining us today I’m missing get lens as extension oh I.

Need to put that back in thank you I’m a core contribute oh I’m sorry Jalen’s Dorf did a video on twitch streaming recently.

Oh cool that’s great Robert tables can you share the link to that maybe I’m colorblind am i a bit colorblind they don’t look.

Very similar what do you think chatroom am I am i off let me know once pink ones blue yeah I’m thinking it’s kind of purple pink I’m gonna kick off there you go you can see the test ran because.

I have the little test thing here I’m missing get lens was what brave cover was saying you’re right let me go grab that put that down there you go thank you Robert tables all right and reload so we get get lens to do to do yes configure what do I have to configure.

All right I’m just gonna let that go for right now with the defaults and we’ll see how it goes all right there we go cool maybe make it blue and maybe instead of blue make it green you really like that green don’t you ancient coder pinky pink blueish pink the the way that I would say to go with the blue would be to make it more of a steel blue like this so it’s very separate from that if we were to stick with blue if you had extensions recommendations to the workspace it it takes.

An array of strings extension keys ah you can set up a list of extensions you want contributors to have Azure blue there you go and then if we did green.

Instead of blue or darker blue that’s what I’m thinking ancient coder is a darker blue right like Azure blue got a sky blue is gonna look it’s gonna look too light maybe or aqua I very much appreciate that to help our.

Just I think we just need to make sure that these are different enough right if I go back and grab the red one right and then go back right so they look great at UPS in the villa’s code logo pick a dark blue from there oh there you go that’s a great idea Frank if we were to grab one of the Blues out of the V s code as the base and then it’s almost like we’re saluted right we’re purple.

Is a salute to twitch and then if the blue is kind of a salute to visual studio.

Code that’s a great idea hey Roush welcome well okay so I want to talk.

A little bit more about I’m gonna back off of this I’ll leave that open and let.

Me roll this back over to Core wiki so it’s unwind the stack here of distractions so there we go cheat code likes it if cheat go says it’s cheat code.

Likes it then let’s do it while I’m here let me do this there we go I just made sis miss a moderator awesome if someone has issues with install.net execute sudo I add apt repository universe oh and that’ll.

Work right so let’s see so yep sis miss is still here okay I’m not very moderate that’s okay so.

You know I’m gonna try refreshing that chat panel here on the user interface let’s see if I if we can get it to use the new coffee mugs it’s gonna disappear but as the new comments come up it’ll be loaded up with the new user in or with hopefully with the new coffee mugs alright so.

In doing this first start bit right we’re allowing folks to name it and we don’t have the name really going anywhere there’s anywhere that you can configure and load that stuff up but the administrator username and password is definitely something that we can scaffold and we can build into the the initial startup of the application but we do need that database in connection string first before any of this stuff happens so.

For this I think we need a couple of we need a couple of steps so it really becomes more wizard like because you’re gonna need to specify your database first and then you can specify things like the name of the wiki or who the administrator is so that it’ll start loading that up appropriately okay I went everybody was all chatty and I went and.

Reset the chatroom thinking all right now we’ll get the coffee mugs loading there in the screen and everybody went silent what the heck happened there is there any body out coffee there we go.

Now they’re showing up hey wolf now now you’re messing with me I see what this is I’m just running my mouth evaluating newfound powers there.

I think the coffee mugs look pretty good over there it was all coordinated Gutierrez.

Says asp net is a gain a spinet core is a game-changer I have an Ubuntu savant Oberer server with ASP net core in production I see what you did there and it was super easy to do that’s great Gutierrez I’m glad to hear it the database login and password for the connection string you’re right ancient coder well so if you’re building your connection string down here right we need right we’re gonna have all of that up front I as core wiki administrator I don’t want I don’t want.

To have to learn how to calculate connection strings for every type of database we support so just having it as a a blind connection string that we’re.

Going to use I think is ok and and specifying the type so that we know which which bit which provider to load perhaps the connection string gets built first yeah I.

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