October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

Need to merge the files first Jeff yeah go back go back so let’s uh let’s merge the commits can.

You scroll over there it is this one back to conversation squashing merge merge anyone I want to read I don’t know I don’t.

Know who’s who’s on live right now we’ll take a look at that in just a minute all right get pull and we’ll update the badges real quick so it was the red badge this one will rebuild that real quick look at those Reds there that looks pretty good that’s a nice difference between them if James is still on yeah I’m I think we should raid James it’ll it’ll absolutely.

Bake his noodle if he is still one of James menthe no it looks like he’s not brought it busy he’s let’s see is he broadcasting right now no he’s off James is done for right now and he’ll be back in about a week if I look in science.

And technology burner there’s me raker Knicks saga right I want to look in software development is really.

Where I want to look when I figure out who to raid.

Twitch stats and host raffle on positivity but that might be fun to read them deaf chatter is live I read deaf chatter a lot I’d like to read somebody else C++ down here making a game engine might be fun to read positivity but all right so there.

Badges updated I wanted to finish you know what let’s come back and do that config next time where we’ve gone pretty far over at this point Bob Ross is always available.

The color of the cups fantastic I’m glad to hear that so I’m just gonna stash this locally I’m not gonna push my configuration bits up just yet working on a state machine.

For the first starch configuration as it needs to become a wizard Perry no as it needs to become a wizard cool all right yeah let’s let’s wrap this up here we’ve gone.

A bit long hey Cyril ash try powerline otherwise you could try Zee show yeah we tried looking at see show good path forward LUT sounds like a good plan yeah so I will.

Here on Tuesday because I will be at angular mix I’ll be speaking at that conference teaching.

Folks how to use asp net core with with angular but I will be back on Thursday and Thursday I will be I’ll be at the local Microsoft Office and we’re gonna be working with rich Ross I did up update upload the red hour hawk Thursday I’ll be working with rich Ross and we’re gonna be working on cognitive services and our our BOTS the fritz pot that’s hanging out there in.

The chat room and see what we can do to improve its.

Question-and-answer capabilities see if we can make that a better interaction for folks Aerojet blue thanks so much for the follow but let’s set up let’s do.

A raid I’m looking at the software development tag let’s see and everybody get your c-sharp bots ready to go here who is this Ben burns interactive dashboard stuff well that looks cool.

Glitch hunting you know what that looks really cool what do you think what do you say let’s raid Ben burns yes rubber tables you have one now too so we will set up and raid Ben burns all right I’m gonna just peek in there and let them know raid incoming Oh No yeah there we go all right if you want to check out.

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