October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

It’s something like this right I could do I observable like query collection if I put I observe able on it it’s another I observable of T some.

Object new is a good one that I see people use a lot what you gonna put this constraint on it and then it’ll you’ll be able to interact with that type so that’s what generic is and you end up them.

With a strongly type thing that’s.

Of only several different types of objects so you can put class new yeah there’s some good ones so hey Simon Geary was trying to follow the vaad from last session experience all the same frustration does anyone know what I need to do to get.

Set VM to work I didn’t go there I ended up rebuilding it using the simple open foo yeah all right let’s see what this looks like let’s see what what the changes that we got here for.

That homepage looked like so I’m gonna open the debugger panel here and I’m.

Gonna use the debugger that comes with Visual Studio code here so that I can debug through if I’d like and get used to this experience over here hey there our Hawkeye see nice nice kappa there you’re dropping on me the standard renderer for integrated terminal appears to be slow.

In the computer would you like to switch to the alternative dom-based room renderer don’t mind if I do thank you do doop.

Do doop doop do doop do ooh okay so now that looks nice okay free for a first launch page right at core wiki the.

Change that to dotnet core wiki.

Platform holy crap I kept sis mass thank you thank you thank you 20 subscriptions right now tier ones to folks that are that are in the community look at this Jeunesse Co you get a subscription leading lady you get a subscription holy crow that is extremely generous thank you so much I Wow thank you.

Very very much for that let’s scared the mess out of you you’re in it for the beard okay Wow thank you so much.

For that I’m looking at the list here to 20 subs so Helden fluffs rush dog tyke on des stat monde IT Goran keV dev Cod fee Jeunesse Co I mentioned Tila.

His ex of a McGann Roo sage is that Mallika 999 leading lady I mentioned revoir cryptic and nygma headshot face kill that you must play first-person shooters Enric CBC k-8 or see Kate and our Hawk very very cool thank you so.

Much that that was a couple bucks Wow yes and and we will match and make and make a donation to girl development thank you very very much that is so generous capitalize the be in.

The C sharp Potts brief cover and you’ll get that you are now our hawk you you just received a subscription from our friend sis mass there I’m gonna take a screenshot here take a quick screenshot right here let’s see one of these very nice surprise thank you so much come back to the stream in your sub huge uh stris Eve dit like within the last two minutes so awesome stuff and look at all the emotes there from pac-man Junior and that’s.

Great oh my gosh though that is a very nice distraction and yes we are going to support all all kinds.

Of folks at girl develop it posting you so I am probably in that array of users who can get the sub possibly yes Wow alright so let’s take a look a little bit here ad yeah that was a gift from sis Mass so sis mass now has actually sis mess didn’t even take a subscription himself how’s that work now I can do this yes you can uh-huh yes you can funny that way funny that way.

Know where the heck did where did where the thing go let’s do this do this grab that so I was see I was even looking up how to do that get thing let’s do this I I cannot let that go I’m gonna go.

Over here and do the thing no no where’d it go I’m looking for the thing oh look at that alright you beat me to it I was gonna gift you one thank you so much leading lady for gifting gifting a sub back that’s great and thank you yes everyone for supporting girl development that is phenomenal stuff and and we and we did we did it live all here that’s that is great I love.

Seeing so I spent some time this week with our friend with our friend Susan ting she’s the no.

Op cat and she’s an OOP cat here on twitch and we were talking about the the sub icons they’re right there everybody’s got the black coffee mug some folks have the blue coffee mug because they’ve been around for a.

While there’s a red coffee mug I think it’s after six months and then there’s a yellow one after a year and I did a really terrible job on those.

Icons I’m gonna I’m gonna improve.

Those make them look a little bit better here so that it stands out gives you a little bit more credit there so thirty eight ninety nine is where we are for the rainbow beard I tell you what sis mass if we can hit that five thousand before December I will do the rainbow beard at dev intersection in Las Vegas I’ll wear it for the whole week yeah I think.

That’ll be that that pushes it out a little bit what do we think and the black coffee mug doesn’t show in dark mode exactly BEC Bristow I need to fix that right so I think.

So let’s retarget this right we said let’s do the rainbow beard before October 20 and we’ll do if we get 5,000 before October 20 we would do uh I would tie.

My beard rainbow here for a stream or two for Halloween if we can get it before December one.

Let’s uh let’s talk about doing that I’ll do it for the entire week of deaf intersection all right a streamer.

Like to see one stage with the rainbow beer dun dun I’m supposed to so for deaf intersection I’m supposed to have a a we’re gonna do a livestream general session with Sue’s talking about IOT loop so if you hang on hang.

On let’s do this let’s back up a second let’s talk about this come in.

A little bit closer closer that’s for deaf intersection in Las Vegas okay that’s the next big conference that I’m speaking at let’s go there for a second and I absolutely appreciate the support.

I’m trying not to disclose anybody’s names here.

Who doesn’t want to be I absolutely appreciate the support from the organizers of this event to allow us to be able to run a stream at deaf intersection if you take a look at these sessions here what I want you to see is we are going.

To do a live pair programming stream onstage noop cat and myself okay we’re gonna do IOT live general session and it’s gonna be streamed so if you can’t get to Vegas you can still see.

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