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It but if you want to meet SUSE and you want to meet me we’re gonna be at the same event come on out to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and if we get to 5,000 viewers I will wear the.

The I will wear a rainbow beard on stage for that session what do you think and not just two colors more than two colors there should be a space I think I.

Promise I absolutely promise absolutely if we get there.

Is that source whole X so come on and of course you know if I if I get the beard done and I’m always happy to meet other folks meet them folks or reviewers of course I’ll be happy to pictures and whatever but yes sign up come out to the event convince your boss just let you go out there there’s some tremendous sessions here for you to check out around dotnet core 3 and what’s going on with that around angular asp net core.

Iot Azure topics all the things that we talk about here and more xamarin it’s a great event you’ll see I have them sponsored and in the corner here selfies with me absolutely so check it out at dev intersection and if you help us get to 5,000 on the rainbow beard.

Deal here we will absolutely do and let me see if I can change that topic right now will change the date to December 1 let me say – is it over here so.

Rainbow beard is sitting inside of a URL that I use like that there we go December 1 all right and we will make that happen look at that there’s the C sharp super C sharp logos from Oz all right and if you need help to light up the cup I’ll be there haha if not we’ll extend it to.

Figure out the next event I have no way to dodge this no no I don’t so we got about two months to get there all right should be achievable I think you’re right ancient coder I absolutely think you’re right all right so come back here I really like what’s what’s been started here and we’ve even got our.

Database providers here in the box that’s not bad I don’t think we have a MySQL provider yet but that’s pretty good connection string it’s a good start it’s a.

Good start admin username unique we need to fix the spelling there so I’ve got a couple of little changes here sequel light that’s the one that I want.

To put in the box to start brave Cobra yeah but it’s not.

Wired up to anything yet so for for the commit that was offered here from ramblin geek it’s it’s a good start right this gets us in the right direction so let’s do this I am going to go back to the files and let’s just clean up that page to start here so and I should move this to-do list somewhere else let’s call this instead of Core wiki the.

Platform let’s call this the dotnet core wiki platform and then there was the word unique was misspelled here yeah there it is IQ Yui there we go so let’s remove sequel light let’s replace that but remove MySQL and replace it with sequel.

Lights and I think that gets us in a nice place I also think at some point we’re gonna want to allow folks to.

Log in with with an LDAP server as your Azure Active Directory or something like that.

Right there ago I’m already getting tongue-tied alright so save that and I should be able to just refresh this page and now why didn’t I thought I’d I thought I’d changed the word unique there oh you know what long and random into your connection.

String and it didn’t pick that up either it’s because it compiles the razor pages now doesn’t it github auth would be cool yeah there you go there’s another one but I think mmm that’s that’s a very good point that you make there pac-man jr. that’s a really good point and validation oh that’s a I like both of those topics okay so we need to put some validation.

That’s nice about Dori during first starch allow configuration of alternate authorization providers authentication providers let’s say what do we got here oh and our friend James Monta magno just started screaming he’s up early.

He’s on the west coast to their sis mess it would be great to be able to choose github authentication that’s a nice ball authentication there we go windows authentication Azure ad authentication Twitter authentication let’s just stop right there so this is an enhancement help-wanted if somebody wants to take a shot at it and let’s.

Put this in the for start wizard projects save that we should get yep there’s my check boxes fantastic I like that idea good ideas there who suggested that pac-man jr. great idea and I agree brave quiver we need validation but I don’t want to put I don’t want to.

Put validation in until we actually have this wired up to something just as a layout is all.

That was suggested as part of this yep ancient coder there is Microsoft authentication as well sure we can add and that’s the MSA I’m sorry.

Is not MSA Windows is a little bit different Windows is it’s actually integrated and it comes off of the iis web server so let’s add Microsoft authentication in here also I had a question that came in and I need to eyeverify this I checked with the.

Powers-that-be windows are thousand twork well doesn’t work well on Linux you’re correct pac-man Junior however for folks that.

Are installing it on Windows machines that should be an option available to them so maybe we do a detection right that if you are on a Windows machine that’s an option.

That you can configure let’s write that up only offer windows authentication.

If running up on a Windows machine we have a fair comment there pac-man jr. it’s a good point put the database port first since you need DB before creating a user yes those young incest.

Sis MMus you know let me tell.

You something very long career and those young uns are up early and I don’t know what the hell they’re doing out there in Seattle all right ask the questions in order that they are needed and thus the order that.

Makes sense and asking yeah you’re right it’s those little subtle yes.

Yes all right but I like I like where this is going let’s get this merged so that we can we can get right so we get ramblin geek here on the scoreboard on the github scoreboard so I am going to go back to the command line instructions and we’ll start merging this in I have a terminal all right paste it’s so oh that’s.

Right we made changes what’s in app settings app JSON that’s fine yep okay right I put that note in there whatever fine fix it some spelling no big deal I didn’t get config my name I don’t know so I should have done this a while ago right Jeffrey T Fritz and then.

I need to do the other one for whatever it is on let me get home what’s the one on github the thing over.

Here for hiding your email that I have to duck now everybody can see my email that’s okay I don’t care this so now get config global user email that okay now I should be able.

To do the commit fantastic just the way I planned it now is there a way to get the back mouse button working in Linux here it is Ubuntu yet.

That’s correct two two two two two do you think a green screen is necessary for streaming it’s not necessary I think it makes things a little bit more fun because I can I can write reach out and do things and it removes a little bit of that stuff we already hacked you remember we had to stop a stream here because I was hacked.

Live running Ubuntu in hyper-v on my surface laptop runs.

Like mud well there is that alright so I committed that I should be able now to do this merge let’s try this again alright so I’m gonna jump over I’m.

Already in project first start on I don’t think maybe I’m not okay and then we’re gonna merge do.

The merge yeah no okay now I know Moz particularly was saying hey what are some of the keystrokes that.

You’re using in VI to get around because it’s easy to get lost in VI is that upon D Bala thanks so much for the follow and that is the 39 hundredths view Wow follower thank you so much Pandi Bala for being follower number 3900 we’ve heard Steve say developers developers developers now 3900 times that means Steve has said develop.

The word developers more than 11,000 times on stream so yeah that didn’t work there not.

Enough not enough what that depends on the state of your room yes yeah Ballmer look we need more Ballmer ape and Ebola welcome look forward to seeing.

Seeing your comments there Alexander Crist thank you for the follow I appreciate you joining us I didn’t.

Push correctly get push origin project first start you’re right it didn’t origin okay this is – veno strongly yeah that’s right why didn’t it push right why is it why isn’t it pushing that the merge was.

Not correct oh look stopped ooh you’re right look at that mm yeah what happened they’re all conflicts fixed.

Still merging oh you didn’t have a fight you didn’t follow sis mess oh my gosh get commit to conclude merge all right do it.

To get exits suspension disabled why won’t it let me I mean nano that’s why I don’t want to be in nano I want.

To be in V I need to fix that yeah that’s fine and then control X okay so that looks like it merged I thought it was in VI that’s why that’s why now get push origin there it goes good catch brave Cobra thank you so much never said I was particularly competent at this yeah you know all this newfangled social media stuff it’s a world exclusive I do sign my count my commits it why didn’t it isn’t that.

It all right so it merged but it’s not signed that’s okay um why didn’t it sign it you’re right Maz look at that Maz has it has the red mug for red it’s like six months isn’t it anybody else from.

Spain here just throw money at it you’ll be fine shut up shut up right get for sign commits I want all my commits signed signing commits signing your work automatically signing your commits where’d it go it was right there right list secret keys user email signing key right I had it set up so that every time it was always prompting me.

To sign in Windows what the heck did this guy do you’ve already got a GP key GPG key set up and working first determine their keys ID next tailgate which get.

Used by setting signing key and dot git config did you already copy over the GPG key.

Yes I did actually back over to terminal stop what is it.

Right I should be able to list my keys yeah – Kay all right there’s my keys so I have them here and it even has that one I’m not sure why these are marked as unknown all right so I have the keys so in my dot config name email signing key and now we can sign.

Your commits all right but he’s doing a – s there was there was a thing that does this right mm.

Let’s go to github help because I think this is kept a little bit more.

Up-to-date to configure get client assigned commits by default to a local repository git config commit GPG sign truth to sign all commits by default in any.

Local repository git config yes that one let’s do that come over here paste it in now it’s.

Gonna force to do it was he getting to it I don’t think he this is from 2014 so I don’t think that version of get was available he was always doing a commit git commit dash s.

Yeah he he aliased it is what he was doing oh and he hard-coded it in so and I did it right he did it directly in the config file versus I put the executed the command to store your passphrase so you don’t have to enter it every time you sign a commit we recommend using the.

Following tools for Mac for Windows what about for Linux people I can’t believe I just said that I can’t believe I just said that what about for Linux people you can manually configure GPG agents who save your GPG key cash phrase passphrase but this doesn’t integrate with Mac OS like SSH agent.

Well let me do this GPG agent secret management for new PG no bully to Linux burg I know right Granny Smith I think he was getting to it okay I know Simon right right um so is GPG agent running daemon enable SSH port right and file gbg agent.

Info is it running is from the how do I tell if it’s running I want.

To find out if it’s running dump options server options damn it just tell me how to do this too many options he’s placing replacing SSH agent with GPG agent blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Blah blah blah okay trust lists list of trusted keys yet holy crow alright I’ll figure that out later because damn and I actually want to write some code you know so we’ll come back to.

That and that and all right I got.

A little fat fingered with the keyboard let’s go back to Firefox and back to get her wrong get up do this again c-sharp for its yeah in core wiki alright one potent one pull request down UI improvements in housekeeping of identity in the user administration page so this is strictly a user interface change and if I remember correctly it actually looked.

Really nice with what Daniel was working on here it’s strictly user interface so I’m gonna.

And this is being merged into the dev branch so I will do that one thank thank you for the contribution and what I will do is I will check this out local so let’s check out dev its ahead of origin dev by six commits that’s going to be a problem yes ah there we go look.

At that save and password manager do it choose password for new keyring okay bad passphrase anyone.

It’s a really long password and I have to watch my typing now to make sure that it works.

Properly there it goes alright so the merge is done so now.

I should be able to merge that over to my other right so I will go back to this and merge dev over okay so now I should be able to restart core wiki going around and round and round if it’s not running you can just type well let’s give.

That shot least fix point so let me say.

If I go PS Hawks grep GPG agent to see if it’s running right yep so what is running also check out maggot maggot alright um let me you know let’s open another tab and just have right if I open a new tab look at that new tab okay.

And if I go down into the core wiki full what do you mean no such file or directory of course there is it’s right there Oh capitalization ooh all right so let’s do dotnet watch run so that core wiki’s just running in the background on this tab over here right now dotnet watch if you haven’t seen me use this before it’s a command that will continue running.

And executing the application and it’ll even restart it whenever there’s a change to my CS files so that’s kind of cool out of coffee got a switch drinks now so here’s what I’m gonna do I’m almost done this one but I’m gonna use I’m switching to a little G fuel because I like me some caffeine M settle Meyer thank you so much for using your Twitch Prime subscription I really appreciate that and of course I’ll make a donation to girl develop it and women and underserved.

Minorities will learn how to write code just like we’re doing here so we’ll match.

That and make a make a fantastic donation that’s great love the subscriptions today lots of subscriptions so lots of coffee mugs in the chat room and we’re gonna fix those coffee mugs here but somebody was saying that they wanted to.

Take a look they wanted to look at the coffee mugs they wanted to work on those I actually have them let me show this real quick I believe if I did it.

Sitting in my livestream folder livestream project here you can open issues here and we.

Can answer questions I went over this a little bit but anyways images and the loyalty badges are sitting right here so if you’d like to if you’d like to put some suggestions together that’s what they look like right now.

Oh so blue is the six-month red is the three-month there you go I.

Free to see I can’t even remember but I think the if we change the black so it’s a little bit more has a gradient to it and I want to make that yellow one more like a.

Gold so if somebody is interested wants to do a pull request over here you’re welcome to it otherwise within the next week or two I’ll.

See what I can do to clean these up but they are 72 pixels 7236 and 18 in the three sizes i put the bottle on the mug i don’t think we can do that maybe we can do the bot as.

A maybe we can do the bot face let me finish that that merge let’s see what this looks like and then we’ll come back to that question so core wiki’s gonna be running on I think it’s yeah 80 81 this where it is so I.

Get the default of rats and that unique didn’t.

Change over and I thought it said dotnet core wiki was what we changed it to right where’d it go don’t mess with me yeah we saved this page it should be showing mmm right you’re still running the old version rainbow beard mug obviously colored I think we might be able to do something all about the.

Beard you’re right sis mess I think we might be able to do something about a ring rainbow beard stickers and rainbow beard mug if we hit that I will absolutely yeah let’s.

See we can do I’ll see what I can do about that with our friends at red bubble I changed my branch did I know I’m in project first start I’m.

Okay I’m over here hey Waddell all right why is it not right I mean it should have updated and be showing right these values kids yeah why didn’t it.

What’s the hot key to change tabs control.

Page up and page down I’ll remember that could not copy boy what happened here is it still running inside of vs code it is okay so I’ve got two of these things running that’s a there’s a problem dummy stop this and restart yeah thanks brave Cobra um redirect notice catch me on Steve Harvey today what the Steve Harvey style logo explained yes would L this is Ubuntu where we’re spending the month.

Learning learning about how to use dotnet with Ubuntu Linux so that folks can can can be assured right and learn together with us if maybe if they are Windows users.

That they can continue working over here on Linux so this sizes are 1836 and 72 tell you what I’ll even copy out this location and loyalty badges are here if you’d like to take a look at that now for those of you that haven’t seen this there is a bot that’s running in the chat room that whenever.

You post a link it actually goes and figures out the title of that link and outputs the information about it now the bots also smart in that if.

You post an image in the chat room something that ends with an image extension right so if I go find right so here’s like oh yeah yeah I just want the link give me the link let’s let’s no no no you I’m trying to just view the image and it won’t let me right click and view the image let’s do this let’s go to images google.

Idea let’s go to giffy so we can show off all this and finds an image let’s say not The Exorcist bad idea King of Queens okay so if I copy that image location and paste it in it’ll actually go and figure out what that is and tell you what that image is and maybe it doesn’t like the animated gif mm-hmm oh crap ah in my console it just went nuts there you go a close-up of a logo right it figures out what those things are so this way I don’t have to.

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