October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

Moderate and say you’re not allowed to post links in the chat room we can all.

See what it is let the bot figure it out and come back appropriately so all right I’m gonna turn off the first start so we can see what our what our update to the user admin page here looks like so to do that right it’s a first start it’s.

In the startup extensions I just put that return true here I’ll flip it to false and because I changed it to c-sharp file you see dotnet watch is gonna restart this and it’ll keep on going here there we go so now it’s up and running again I’ll go back over refresh now it it shouldn’t go into.

Further so here’s a right here’s the first bug we need to address it shouldn’t go into first start if first start is disabled you know created a new user with the admin role and delete this account nice I don’t think I configured now I didn’t the default admin is actually sitting where did it go not administrators there is it’s seated here I can’t remember where it is admin at core wiki.

Comm right there it is right there and then the initial password is admin at 1 2 3 so let’s admin at core wiki com login yeah go ahead save that that’s fine so.

Now if I go over to user admin I think that looks really nice now for the current roles current users we don’t have.

The ability to create a user yet we’ll need that so yeah that’s not bad.

I like this you know this is very easy to see I’m not sure what amend is supposed to do yet add folks to it maybe but we I can’t see who’s in those roles right now right but I can see the users and I could see what roles they’re in that’s kind of cool all right I like it that’s a good update so that’s.

All merged and available now at some point we’re gonna need to push that up and make that available for folks on the right on the the reference site right and word sis must go of course we do have the ability to change our themes down.

Here we have a dark theme available that looks pretty good we have an ouch theme that reminds me of the hotdog stand oh yeah and let’s never forget rainbow okay enough fun there I’m not cool enough for the dark theme ya see I want a rainbow theme in my Windows Explorer and outlook and all those other things that people are saying should be.

Yeah it should support all those different themes alright let’s get back to some code the only other pull request you have we have here is for.

A sure search now this is part of a bigger a bigger effort that I want to that I want to discuss I work for Microsoft surprise I hope you knew that that I I work for Microsoft and I’m using Linux so there’s definitely some push from leadership to add all the.

Things show more Azure we need more Azure Azure is definitely a thing yes absolutely.

Server collects it’s yes should we look into the identity stuff should I thought ocation be done on the back end or the front end let’s come back to that that’s a good question so yeah the our Hawk I.

See what you’re trying to do there it now has a virus and your hard drive will be deleted if you don’t call this number I see what you’re trying to do there if Microsoft IT will never call you unless of course you’re a Microsoft employee and you’ve screwed something up that’s different hey blue love don’t call that number your IP.

Address has been infected by a virus yeah and my BLT drive just went a WOL and I’ve got this big project do for mr. kawasaki in the morning named that movie you know what there are some folks from the identity team that I could invite.

Gosh I’m impressed all right I’m impressed so the the boss is here there you go look at that yep mas got it awesome all right didn’t just google it no not at all so there’s them the Microsoft folks very much want to answer all the things and as a goal for learning with this project I don’t want to make it.

Just a sure the only place that you can use core wiki Ozel is on Azure and you’re damned if you want to put it anywhere else no this is something that.

We’re learning together I very much want to learn and use some of the different answer features and and this pull request starts down that path and it’s it’s a pretty good idea I really like where this is going however for our purposes of learning here on stream I want you to be able to use the services in this project with with other clouds with other hosting providers and even in your own data center so I.

Don’t want to necessarily be tightly coupled to Asher I want to enable folks to put down other other features in.

Here so what I’d like to do is.

Create an azure module that has all the different azure features that you could possibly want to light up in your project and this is what.

We were going to start working with with Jeff Holland last week that’s ignite.

But we had some problems with Network and I had some technical issues with my machine we’re gonna blame it on the network that’s the best thing to do blame it on the network hey beau Siemens and thanks so much beau Simonson thanks so much for the follow I appreciate you joining us um a blue lava.

Glad to join the stream I’ve been watched wanting to catch for a while well thank you.

Blue lava I appreciate you joining and make sure you click that follow button here we’re trying we’re trying to push out this rainbow beard challenge here if we get 5,000 followers by December 1st I’m gonna dye my.

Beard rainbow for the Deaf intersection event which will make.

The organizers their smile that I’m trying to promote their event with something wacky and I’m not gonna name any names but.

I think one of the organizers is hanging out in the chat room I think search providers should be in the first start config as well yes so brave Cobra you’re you’re touching on.

Right the the next piece of this if this is an optional optional if this is an optional module an optional feature this type of configuration should also be part of first start and as an administrator it should be.

Something that I can light up after the fact already following fantastic thank you so much flip that.

Table circle X who is show up there here there that’s I’m I’m not gonna divulge any names if they don’t want to that’s fine you think too much ahead no no dude brave Cobra that’s awesome let’s let’s log those issues let’s remember these ideas so that maybe it’s not you maybe it’s not me maybe it’s somebody.

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