October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

Else in the chat room we can.

Put together a pull request.

To start to do some of those things right I want to I want to light up and fill up that that uh scoreboard that ticker up at the top with as many people as want to help out with our projects here so absolutely I.

Want to bring some identity folks in our friend Glenn block has expressed some interest in joining us I definitely want to get him involved because he’s got some cool things around.

Api’s that we were talking about doing with this and oh my gosh I’m gonna I’m gonna mess up his name there’s a guy from Microsoft identity Microsoft security who left and now works with Glenn block Vittorio has actually expressed some interest in joining.

Us in Vitoria was one of the folks who helped engineer the identity system so I’m not taking.

This just yet because I think we need to create an azure project and just start loading stuff over there with some of the features.

For Azure that we want to enable what I what do I mean by is the the boss is here is it my boss you mean or maybe his boss or his boss oh wait no his boss isn’t named it’s actually a guy named John and John’s boss is someone not named it’s actually it’s actually a woman named Julia but Julia’s boss is yeah and Scott works.

For now actually his name is Satya yes Vittorio there you go see how that works so and I love.

Just hitting that Scott button.

I just have it sitting there it’s ready to go so I pulled a whammy when I was in town with Whitford net Kampf two weeks ago I.

Was in I was on on campus in the studio for channel 9 and we put the stream deck down in front of Scott for the asp net community stand-up in the way that I had my stream decks.

Various camera scenes that they could flip back and forth to but I put a couple of sound effects in.

Front of them like the explosion you’ve heard me play the explosion here there it.

Is I put the screeching tire and I also put in front of them and and he was so tempted to hit that button and so was John Galloway right there they were gonna hit it but they avoided some of that stuff there are many Scots there are quite yes I was at dotnet.

Kampf G go figure all the Scots from Microsoft yes I think Microsoft is becoming a Scottish company and there are many Jeff’s as well love the stream deck I’ve so the folks at Elgato.

Should be in touch with me honestly I’ve I’ve sold maybe a dozen stream decks.

To various people at Microsoft and for other streamers as I speak from land refuel G fuel feeding caffeine to gamers since 2015 all right I do not have an Elgato strip a green-screen mic my.

Green screen actually if you go to live Geoffrey France comm there’s a link and there’s also a link down below the down below the channel there’s aren’t wheat devices for converting caffeine into code yes we are oh my gosh there’s.

My YouTube playlist look at that smile from yesterday oh my gosh that’s a terrible look at that hair mmm where’s my green screen I have a link to my green screen here there’s the chromakey look at that here seriously that’s what my green screen looks.

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