October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

Like so I thought I have a link to it here it is and it is so much fun folding this up every time.

I take it on the road so it’s a decent price there’s one from El Gato that actually folds down and into a nice little compact container this folds up into a into a little circle and is easy for me to carry around but I can turn this sideways so I can put two people in front of it as well yeah it is a little origami exercise amen to that so what I thought what I think we want.

To do I see that so maybe we’ll take a look at a couple of these here let’s create a new issue here and as your project let’s just outline here let’s put all our clouds specific features into a.

Into a project that can be conditionally included and features enabled in the app in core wiki if you are hosting on Azure so this is gonna this is gonna be a bigger project this is a lot more than just alright I’m you know yeah I can’t do new project from here but this is gonna take.

A little bit to do but I think I think I know enough people.

On the azure teams they’d be interested in joining in and helping out with this our Hawk says.

I haven’t used github before Muslim because I don’t see why it’s necessary could I send you a dot zip with all the PNG files for the sub icons you.

Can our hawk but I would suggest you you you.

Take a minute and take a look at how old to use github because it’ll help you in the long run and I want to get you on my scoreboard up top here if you’re gonna contribute I think I want to recognize your.

Contributions that’s why I have the ticker up there I want to celebrate all the all the folks that have been contributing likes mAb.

And Ashley Broughton her win emo Frank Boucher is up there right we haven’t done any work on stream tools in a while but Jo bun JB DK is up there he was helping a lot for a while there so um give it a try create a github account and what you can do once you have your github account click navigate out here to my report to my collection of repositories click into.

Live stream and click fork once that’s once.

You’ve done that then you can click this upload files button and you’ll be able to add in to your copy of my repository now you’re gonna want to put them in the appropriate folder so you’re.

Gonna want to go down into images loyalty badges and you can click upload files if you don’t want to get into working.

Either drag the files in don’t don’t drag in a zip file drag in the actual files type in information about the commits that you’re making and then commit those changes once you finish that what you can do is then say new.

Pull request and that’ll send me a notice that says hey our Hawk has some changes and able to pull that in well this is right this is the live stream project this is where.

I answer some questions from folks like this one from MS schl right this is Marcus in Germany asking which extensions do I have installed and I should put these over here on my wiki this is where we’re gonna be working a.

Little bit all I’m gonna add a an answer a question an answer here that talks about that which extensions I have installed we’re gonna work with rich Ross on Thursday about cleaning this up and getting it working with the bots again right the bots hooked up to QA services on Azure so that when you ask questions that end with a question mark if it knows.

The answer here if it knows the question because it’s eating this wiki it’ll give you the appropriate answer all right let’s go back I’ll let our hawk go through that a little bit but let’s go back to core wiki look at this I’m teaching somebody over here how.

To use git and we’re gonna do some core wiki over there building all the things shouldn’t all questions end with a question mark yes they should if they do end with a question mark then the bottle tried to answer the question for you if the bot doesn’t know how to answer it it’s like.

A 30% match or lower it’ll ignore answering the question okay so there was an issue here there were one or two issues here I think we can answer pretty quickly you are all friendly method is duplicated this is from Daniel so we.

Had URL helpers in core wiki application and it’s also in core wiki core article we’ve duplicated this in both place both places what is the weather see it doesn’t know how to answer that wetland so it just ignores the question it just goes silent it’s and actually it tells me here on the console look I’ll drag over the console so I actually watch every message that.

Comes in here so look there’s there’s bow right what is the airspeed velocity and then the bot says handling question unable to find a suitable answer.

And it just goes silent I see that so.

But but for some of the simple questions that I do get a lot like hey what’s this editor that you’re using it’ll answer and tell you Oh Jeff’s using Visual Studio code and give you a link to download it now the bosses tell me I should change that link so that it’s a bitly so that it tracks that I influenced somebody to go to that see tabs or spaces unable to find answer to that question and it should but the answer should be.

Tabs of course lifx we all want tabs don’t even bring those spaces around here all right so let’s talk about this one URL friendly method is duplicated so we have the same method in URL helpers and in article let me go back over to Visual Studio.

Code let’s try and resolve this because I think we’re at a point now where we can we can get rid of it and really narrow down why is this whatever I don’t care all right.

Shift F to open the search panel here and it was called URL helpers right URL friendly.

We go um let’s put string in front of it so I can get the methods there we go so.

I’ve got it here in URL helpers CS and it’s not showing me the file for that it’s in core wiki application and here in core wiki core domain there’s URL friendly down there vim.

Of course vim but not even film VI so when I was a kid when I.

A long time I be M AIX administrator so he taught me VI that.

Was that was the editor of choice for professional IBM systems administrators so he taught me via he even gave.

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