October 6, 2018 – Building A Startup Experience For The Corewiki | Ubuntober

Me the little VI reference card when I went away to college he’s like son you’re gonna need this if there’s one thing you learn at college its VI alright maybe that’s not the only advice he gave me about college but he gave me the VI cheat card and that I learned VI I did not learn Emacs he’s like you can learn Emacs also but why everybody uses VI we.

Like VI use VI so I come from a VI family which is weird did I ever use ed no one of my friends called Antonio is having problems with Kali Linux installing it because the ISO and needs a little help from me but he’s on a laptop is so bad so I don’t.

Know how to help him and I need your help I am all thumbs when it comes to yeah when it comes to other flavors of Linux yeah trap off tabs vs spaces don’t don’t even go in there if you don’t want to use the new.

Icons it’s cool I don’t know how they’re going to look let’s take a look our hunk and then we’ll resolve this look at it when I tell folks this is like ADHD on steroids Here I am not kidding we’ve got all kinds of topics and we’re going round and round.

I had a professor who presented all class lectures in Emacs torture because you should have been on VI um yeah that’s right I’ve got a stream look at that you got a pull request our walk whoa look at that no description provided that’s okay that’s alright got a commit with 12 files changed what do you have let’s I want to take.

To look I want to look I’m excited there’s a white one I thought or did you you made it white let’s see.

Now what’s that gonna look like on.

A white background mm okay so you you’re suggesting white to replace the black let me think how about blue let’s see how blue looks now those are two months ago two minutes ago doo doo doo there’s blue oh you alright so you give them different names okay so that’s a little bit lighter and then red what’s red look.

Okay that’s not bad how about gold that’s a small one I don’t bigger bigger that’s not bad at all same issue with the black on dark theme but it’s a little bit lighter look at that is that is that Senor colex let.

Me make sure I’m saying your name right I can make it more dark grayish yeah can we I like.

The white one too as a as a first start what do you think chat room since you’re the folks were gonna be brandishing these do you like do you let me see can I do the raw isn’t there a raw here that I can if I go download there we go so that’s actually on a white background and it’s a little bit tricky.

To see the edges if you could make that a little bit grayer I think we’re in what do you do a chat room.

Can I get your opinion what do you think of the of the badges here but that looks I really like it so what you can do our Hawk is when you just update that branch in github it’ll update the pull request automatically and I’ll be able to see that great so it’s easier to see make make the.

First one green is what Senor Cole X is saying that’s not a bad idea what do you think of that our Hawk making it green to starch I’m okay with that to.

Make the default one green it needs to be a color that stands.

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