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Both dark and light yeah ancient code or you’re right what if we made it purple so it matches twitch or visual studio oh I like that what do you think chat room ooh and it.

Matches the bot as well RGB maybe well I think so there’s further ones out purple says ancient coder okay full remit now I want to.

Go further out and we’ll do full rainbow a vs code mug I don’t know about I like purple transparent with coffee filling up you can.

A dream so magenta don’t stop it boki o agendas not bad but let’s let’s do twitch purple I like it yeah thank.

You our Hawk I appreciate the suggestion there and.

These do look nice so that’s the white one let me just back up here we can go back so.

Right the next one that folks have I’m looking to see there’s a red one so the red one then right that looks a little bit easier to see start filled and drain it after a few months it should be pretty empty weird colors google search I like it and then the blue one so Tiger on has a blue let’s say let’s go to that one real quick I this.

Is a great suggestion thank you so much our Hawk for the so the blue looks a little bluer than if we make the purple that’s great thank you very much for the contribution and I tell you what I.

Working on it right now I will be happy to configure these before.

We wrap up the stream here so we can share that with our with some of our new subscribers that that are Francis masse graciously awarded and shared with they need to be approved you’re right they will need to be approved rats but we should have it before our next dream you’re right pac-man rats rats.

Like that blue yeah tip TV thank you so much for the follow Steve Steve.

You’re getting a little sweaty over there take it easy it’s okay I know you saw the Warriors played in Seattle last night okay nothing to be upset about but it’s good all right so let’s take a look back at the URL friendly method here I’m gonna unwind look this is me unwinding.

The the ADHD stack here going back back to this issue URL friendly method is duplicated so we it’s referenced here in the article and it’s also over here in URL helpers tip tbh thank you so much for that kind subscription oh my gosh that hang on leading lady.

Gifted that wow thank you leading lady for for sharing that gift and of course I’m.

Gonna match that subscription we’re gonna make a donation to girl development so that women and other minorities can learn how to build a build applications and write code just look we are here tip TV with look at that fierce kittens emotes yes and three subs to other folks very cool thank you so much I really appreciate you sharing those subs so massive quasar.

Can horn ands Ivor you all just got a great subscription a free subscription its gifty day it is sis miss says Ballmer used to down a pint of honey before he got on.

Stage protected his voice inject him up so here’s the thing our Hawk I am yes everybody share those C.

Sharp bottom modes I don’t I don’t have it here I grabbed I have a bunch of the seat of the dotnet bot emot– stickers and I have this super C sharp stickers of that I carry with me now along with I mean twitch cards check it out I made these cards look at that works on my machine ship it and on the other side Jeffrey T Fritz and that that QR code.

Just goes to the stream so what I’m doing is I am putting together little sticker packs with card in it so I can send those out best logo ever thanks so much so you are all friendly Thank You brave Cobra let’s get back to the code you’re right thank you so much tip TV for that kind for that kind gift absolutely and is that the Zippin thank you so much for the.

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Moz and and you want to make a larger contribution you get other emotes like like my face they’re sub tober a little bit a little bit all.

Referenced this URL friendly method is here inside of URL helpers which is right this one’s in the application common folder but it’s also in the article over here.

In one place it should be a property of the DTO coming from the domain the UI should not be generating itself yes I don’t think well so we moved it out of the user interface but it’s here inside and it’s referenced just by its own domain object right if I look it’s only.

That’s the only place that is but the application has it referenced in nine other places article management so tests I’m okay with it being referenced there but.

It’s also referenced inside the create and edit pages and it probably shouldn’t be referenced in those pages.

You know what’s in your collects there’s a store link at the bottom of the twitch page that you can check out and there is that there is a mug with that logo on and you can actually get it in magenta.

Or black as well I need to get a couple of those made up before I go to deaf intersections because I’m gonna share some of them with my friends there you’re right brave Cobra we do need to move that.

Around we should do more commenting in source code a good start for people coming in the wiki source code.

It’s not a bad idea towba Nautilus.

Thank you so much for that kind subscription yes another another match we will donate silent u66 thank you for the follow man lots of lots of activity today this is great somebody was asking about twitch partner so my other channel that I manage.

You might know it it’s called visual studio that has been made a a partner this channel has not but even though.

This channel has a ton more activity so probably the reason they are there is to is trying to get ahead of the domain check they are they are very much trying to.

The domain check here in the create page so let’s go back to our code the question and.

Brave Cobra makes a good point weave in and I’ve started recording I need to finish this I’ve started recording kind of a summary to date you know here’s the history of core wiki we’re 140 shows in here 140 we’ve done a lot with core wiki and folks are trying to catch up and they’re watching all that all the core wiki shows that we’ve done.

And it’s a lot so world exclusive I’m putting together a summary video that shows here where we here’s where we started here’s the decisions we made here’s the functionality it has and here’s the architecture that we have now.

And how it functions so based on the architecture that we’re using we’re using very much this CQRS command query responsibility separation architecture the this slug right in the slug is the name of the page the name of the article that we’re gonna put on the on the URL right on the address for the article that you’re going to.

We need to make that something URL friendly and doing that here isn’t the right place for us to.

Do something that is more more separating and pushing this logic out somewhere where it can be reused across the application so as we look at more and more interacting with other platforms putting other user interfaces in front of core wiki besides just a web application maybe we want to put a Windows 10 application or a Mac.

Application or an iPad application so that folks can carry the content of their wiki wherever they might be we know there are folks who are who are airline pilots who have the contents of their manuals on an ablative ice well maybe maybe at some point in the future core wiki becomes something that folks want to be able to.

Carry on their tablet so that they have that common reference point we want to move things like this URL friendly interaction there you go turrican exactly we want to separate the concerns and.

The definition of that topic slug should go in the domain and not something on the front end user interface here there is some ambition and I’m using the the airline pilot as a as an example right there are folks that take their take tablets on the road that have manuals loaded into it right I’m thinking service folks electricians some of those types of people.

You know maybe they’re not using core wiki but for that type of use case where they’re additive and working with this stuff.

It can’t be in look just the web application it needs to be somewhere simpler easier and away from that interaction all right so does it really need to be here right if we’re gonna start to deduplicate and we want to if we want it to really only be with our domain object which i think is the right place because when you.

Set the topic we’re gonna go and calculate what that slug is which is really what it’s doing here right it’s saying grab that article topic and and calculate the slug the HTML the URL friendly.

Version of what that topic is now I didn’t just URL friendly on it right we also clean up any other non ASCII characters to force it into something that’s a little.

Bit simpler so if we take a look here is this slug value right creating page with slug we put on the log is topic available query now.

Yeah so we’re passing the slug into the is topic available there thank you for the follow HH xxxx we would have to change this as well and write so that it the is topic available query did that translation further down the domain part should error and be catched by the user interface and redirect after the.

Post back yes let’s let’s walk back what brave gerber is suggesting here the domain should error if it matches in this case here the UI should catch that error right and send that message back to the.

Forum and that’s what we’re doing here we’re sending that message back to say oh this is.

Used so that’s all thanks so much.

For that subscription with your twitch Prime I very much appreciate that and we’ll we’ll.

Make a donation to girl develop it and you.

Get a coffee mug the coffee mug loyalty badge not a.

Real coffee mug yes these topic available should do the same thing on the application so this is gonna take a little bit to unwind here and go to all the different places that this is being used to unwind.

It and make sure that it’s working properly out there now is that something somebody would somebody would be interested in doing badges greater than a real mug alright cool excuse me is that yeah is that a PR that somebody would like to put.

Together if that is then I’ll leave this open and I’ll move over and take a look an our Hawk actually has some updates for the badges so in the chat room let me know if you would like to do the pr2 to remove these nine references.

Right exam the URL helpers test we can move that over so it’s working against the article object but the it’s in these two create page these two pages and this is just building on itself here I’m not too worried about those.

Interested in it you’re welcome to but I’m gonna take a look at what our Hawk has for us here on the pull request so this should now say that there’s a a.

Second commit there you go look at that loyalty badges update 2.0 so I can click over here and I also want to point out it says first-time contributor so I want to make sure that I that’s something nice for folks.

Who are managing repositories so that you can be encouraging and you can let them know you know hey you’re doing a good job this is stuff that you know we’re happy with so that you don’t come off mean and nasty.

To people nobody wants that so here’s the purple let’s see what that looks like I’m clicking purple view hey that looks cool all right I like that one has a first mug I thought I saw uh who was it somebody was here one of the yeah blue lavas here what do you think blue lava is that is that a cool Twitter fied twitch colored mug there hey.

Jay 18:59 hello hello and you made the blue and red brighter let’s say the blue oh yeah that looks much brighter that looks good it certainly is a mug I see what you did there bit long that does look good says senior.

Senior collects I don’t see what red looks oh yeah that red.

Does look better mugging stuff tagger on likes it alright what else and then Did you touch the white one at all no the.

White ones still okay that’s fine so if we go with a bright purple we saw blue what’s a gold look like that’s nice remove the white one okay holy world exclusive oh my lord pac-man Junior whoa Nelly 20 more subscriptions for folks in the chat room wow this is a very gifted day today more than 40 subscriptions.

Have been given out on one channel Wow Frank Vosges arrows you get a subscription blue love art 9k Jose afar lot a Moute a checkers but beau Simonson you get a subscription J 1859 Beck Bristow ten Oh Diablo Simon Janee ring you get one fuel stable Mathi 81 in Perry zero bubbles bubbles Bodine and Andy Weiss thank.

You very much for the generosity of pac-man jr. that is awesome awesome stuff somebody yes absolutely generate let’s put put some clips together here Wow I am I indeed George it’s a very subdued a today girl develop it’s gonna be getting a lot of donations absolutely they’re randomly given outs in your colex flummoxed I am oh my.

Gosh it is you flatter me when when you when you share the when you share whether it’s.

Code subscriptions donations Cheers thank you thank you so much I very much appreciate that we will make we will make donations to girl develop it I mean you know.

What maybe we’ll even they believe in do it on do it so it does take I I don’t receive twitch which takes about a month month and a half to to release those those dollars but.

When they do that’s one I will make one big donation yes maybe we’ll do that as part of the fun at dev intersection thank you very much everybody and now you have.

Frank yes you have a C sharp pot abs lutely so I’m Wow I am thrilled and the mugs will.

Dominate the chat yes indeed wow that is great stuff thank you thank you so much what’s the clip that you linked here tawdry triumphant grudge which one is this one it’s gift day yes yeah yeah I got a tweet that out thank you so much pac-man jr. and sis mmus thank you thank you that is that is amazing stuff I am more.

Than happy to share that viewers are in Perry thanks so much for the follow are we’re going to make a lot of.

No we’re going to make a big donation to let’s make sure we’ve referenced girl develop it’s thanks to the community on twitch there we go very cool thank you so much yeah.

Look at all those fill up those those bot emotes so I actually have a I could do a smaller donation here in October because we do have we do have the funds from the summer that came in I could do that one and then do another big one there in December yes if I had Sara Chipps on not yet that’s a really good idea to have Sara join us oh my god oh my god oh wow no code today I’m so sorry um.

Thank you so much ten more ten more subscriptions is that cheat code doctor Mullis animated slinky bulky oh you get a subscription silent.

You cry acts send send lemme okay no is that sadly my okay DJB twitch chuck d in smite Baron baron Wow we will we will match and make donations for that as well thank you.

Very very much for those generous subscription gifts um absolutely Baek Bristow throw those C sharp bottom notes out there I feel left out having a twitch prime wow that is extremely.

Broke fortunately Jack is that Jackie 0-4 thank you for using your twitch Prime subscription it if you have Amazon Prime you hat you can turn that into a twitch Prime subscription just by connecting your accounts at the top of the screen and you’ll get one free channel subscription you can use anywhere on the platform including here if you use it here just like all those folks that received the free subs today more than 50 subs given out I will match and will make donations to girl development yes we need to.

Have Sarah chips on absolutely let’s see can I do it can I do it here can we do this no I’m not logged in over there I don’t want to do that let me go over here let’s go back to this oh my gosh let’s see let me make sure I can do this right I’m gonna bring over my windows.

One here what’s a senior collects our Hawk just gifted yourself there you.

Go where was the people invitation.

List it’s on the live stream.

And I do have some other folks that I do need.

To get in the BA in here hey where’s she’s Sarah J there she is my oh my gosh ramblin geek thank.

You thank you very much for five more subs Wow we will be making matching donations for those as well is very in twitch channel viewers are very interested in.

Having you join us for a pair programming session.

And to talk a little about girl.

Developments can we schedule something to have you callin over Skype in the next.

Few weeks it’d be great to have Sarah join us that is great thank you so much if this is a new she did move on from girl develop it but she’s one of the founders of it boki Oh more than 55 subscriptions have been gifted today here on channel and I feel.

Obligated to keep writing some code here so the weekend so that we can get back into yet very cool gifts thank you so much so much I can’t get through today yeah although we’re.

Just throwing money at a guy in a funny hat well it’s not that funny it’s a Penn State habits this is great thank you everybody I hope you scream all day cuz when I’m done with my web dev stream I will be rating you and I don’t know if we’re gonna go with that late and actually is is blue lava still here blue lava let me ask you we’re doing good today 92 as well blue.

Lava if I update my my subscriber icons they’re my loyalty icons with with.

What our Hawk is provided cuz these look really good can you help us activate that sooner than later as a staff member yes boki oh you have a mug you do and I think we’re also broadcasting over there on the on the visual studio channel lithics is happy to look at the URL friendly issue Thank You lithics I’m getting back to the code I I appreciate you offering to take a look at that but yeah blue lava is that something that you can help kind of ship.

Moving that long have you seen those logos on the chat background do they work out good question let’s do this so first things first I’m gonna take this pull request from our Hawk and I’m going to include this I’m gonna do squash and merge 50 percent brighter 100 percent brighter white badge replaced by purple fantastic thank you very much for these new icons they look great and then.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to pull this down and we’ll open up and we’ll look at those images over on on on a background right I’ll put them on a.

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