Interplanetary Peers | Techsnap 384

This you know this this kind of not necessarily low and even I’ve seen these devices used at a lot of the smaller businesses places that maybe don’t have dedicated IT staff and want this functionality and then word especially becomes troublesome is Oh will add to work you know I had to work from home today and they don’t really.

Know how to set up a secure VPN or anything like that so they end up exposing these devices to the internet even and in this case even if you did a.

Really secure strong passphrase well it just didn’t matter because.

All you do is you set a cookie that that basically says hey I’m admin and I’m logged in as admin and there you are you are admin so Western Digital might.

At storage that you can have your own opinion about that they certainly don’t.

Seem good and making a managed service like this I would say that the the current guidance is that there is no fix for this and that users have to literally just disconnect the drive all together if.

They want to keep their data safe so those firms that are using the my cloud I’d make sure you could unplug by the end of this show yeah absolutely it’s really just not worth risking your data go look and try to find some better things that you can place your trust in or hire a real.

Professional who can help you set up a network that you can have a.

Little more trust in and hopefully explain just why some of these some of these tactics are so easy to exploit so I think with that we can we should move on to the main topic.

In this show which is talking about ipfs now the reason why this subjects come up is because CloudFlare is doing what they’re referring to as a week of security on their blog and one of the recent one of the recent blog posts that they’ve published is CloudFlare going interplanetary introducing cloud flares ipfs gateway and i’ve i’ve been looking at things like my PFS and tor for a few for quite a while and in fact actually the the initial.

Blog post from from CloudFlare actually does show a four box diagram which shows accessing web site behind CloudFlare without any of these technologies in place and then saying that they they’re introducing services around ipfs and tor as I said ipfs is the the main thing that I wanted to talk about now I don’t know whether it’s been.

Mentioned on this show before but what I thought I’d do is actually have a little bit of a look at what my PFS is and how it works I think that’s.

A great idea we haven’t done much talking about ipfs it’s been a technology you know floating around it’s definitely interesting but whether or not this is a good move or not by CloudFlare I’ve seen a lot of arguments on both sides people already invested in ipfs maybe a little skeptical of Clairvaux taking this big role and being in the middle of a lot of these connections with their.

New gateway but on the same time this is garnering.

A lot of press for ipfs and it is a technology with a lot of potential absolutely so one of the key things about ipfs is that the reason it was it was introduced was because they were they were looking at the fact that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to lose a.

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