How To Install Website Baker In Ubuntu 16.04

Welcome to Linux welcome I am going to explain about how to install website Baker and one toe 16.04 website Baker is an open source content management system which is built based on the PHP it is designed with easy-to-use interface and it uses the database for data storage the estate breaker as a template based fronting on a multi-user administration.

With the privilege levels for installing the website breaker unity of the lamp store installed in your system after installing we monster.

You can continue website bacon installation now we can see the installation of exit baker in ubuntu 16.04 because we can configure the mysql database for website baker first login into the MySQL server and.

You can you know create the database ok vanta next create the database user and set password for the database user now given to next we can grant privileges for the database no give them to know first opprobrious and exit next we can download the would say break up a cage from the following link Oh Wendy web browser and paste the link into Vento now select the zip package to download now click save file now download.

A starter our download is completed now go back to a terminal and change the directory to downloads now create the website Baker directly entity or add a little.

Directly I’m going to get across wo Baker I know extract if I case – D and they probably cut directly now give anthem now the package is extracted next change you wanna ship for DW break a directory no give anthem now the ownership is change or change the directory 2/5 total HTML W breaker and.

You need to rename the conflict or PHP dot no to computer PHP now the file is renamed makes you need.

To remove the upgrade script or PHP mega Vento now the update script or.

Is removed next we can configure the Apache which allows for the aw baker now create the W bracket or corner file inside eh I travel to directory and next you need to.

Create the soughing for the w a Couture conifer and sides enable directory and open the WI forgot one of five.

Now we need to add the following which allows configuration 35 no pasty configuration.

Here to change o 7 no no save the file and exit now restart the Apache web.

Server ok and so now the Apache observer is a start to open the web browser.

Open a new tab and enter your IP address slash WP o give enter now you can see the website Baker installation visual and here you need to set the time zone and.
Your language now select your server.

Operating system and then you need to enter your my useful database information enter.

Your database name now the database username then the password for the database user and enter your website title and then enter your admin study up on details and then the password for the admin account and click install website.

Vehicle now the installation is computed now you can see the login page and enter your login ID money password now click login now we are successfully logged into the let’s say Baker and here you can see the dashboard she can add your pages and their media files and you have to prevent lists and the admin tools click the pages we need to give the title for the page you can add your pages and for.

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