Sql Injection Tutorial For Beginners Kali Linux #1

Something so CD var WWF or / and okay now in this folder I’m just gonna check whether it has anything if it has anything which it should if you have just installed Kali Linux and you haven’t tampered with this folder yet it should have a HTML folder.

Just get rid of it just delete it you can do that either with the Nautilus or just open your terminal in.

For a beginner I would recommend doing it with Nautilus so Nautilus Nautilus Nautilus is just busy a command that will open a root File Explorer with GUI interface so here we are just go to your filesystem and you want to go into your VAR folder and your www folder and you have to make sure that it’s empty so if you find any other files just delete them get rid.

Of them so that’s basically no since it’s not actually closed yet I’m just going to open a terminal and I’m gonna enter my root and what we’re gonna do is I’m just gonna go to my downloads section where my file is stored the VW a master file is stored and what.

We’re gonna have to do make sure you’re in root you have root privileges for this we’re actually gonna copy the dvwa master folder into the VAR www folder or our default web server for Kali Linux so in order to do that we’re gonna have to say CP RV you don’t really need to.

Know what R and V mean you already in might know what V is these four posts but I’ll explain what this is later and you.

Want to select your the directly that the file is so for mine is an Alexis that’s where I am right now that’s the user logged in as it made it be different for you if you’ve created your own.

User or it may just be route by default downloads and we’re.

Going to select the file name which is dvwa master we’re just going to copy to save time and just paste it right there and we’re going to select the.

VAR and www folder all right and it’s gonna copy the folder there no that’s basically everything we needed to know to do right now in this video but to check it just use the Nautilus.

Or you can also use your normal File Manager without root but for beginners I recommend using the Nautilus by the way when using the Nautilus file manager if you’re a beginner please don’t touch anything.

Apart from what I’ve told you this is at a root level and that.

Means you can edit or change anything in the filesystem so please don’t play with anything right here so far and www and it’s actually copied both of my downloads.

Actually oh I think I made a mistake there but that’s why I said just check it and get rid of the Downloads folder you can hit delete with Nautilus and you can edit basically just delete that download folder and you have the dvwa master so basically.

That’s how we’re going to set up our web or pentesting environment and that’s basically it for this video this is the first video in SQL injection I just wanted to explain the concept of SQL.

Injection and how to set up our pentesting environment so in the next video we’re actually gonna get started with a few basic SQL injection exploits or techniques so yeah guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video or you liked it if you did please leave a.

Below if you didn’t like the video let me.

Know in the comments section by the way if you have any comments or any questions really that you want to ask me or you have any suggestions for any videos that you want me to make.

Let me know in the comments section or you can hit me up on kik you can hit me up on my social media or basically wherever you can find me I’m gonna answer your question so that’s basically it guys thank you so much for watching this video.

I really appreciate it and yeah have a fantastic day peace.

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