Sqlmap – How To Hack Website Using Sql Injection

Hello YouTube this is the life hack five today I am going to show how you can do SQL injection with SQL map this video is just for educational purposes we are not responsible for your malicious use of it so here we go search the Google port in the Google open any one of them and see whether it is.

Checking vulnerability for SQL injection had single quote or percent 27 at the end of the URL if you’ve got the error then it means it is vulnerable copy the URL without the same component and open CMD to install Python and SQL map see of the description forgetting the database names type that.
Commands this will take some time wait hell we not.

The database name of that target URL now find tables copy the main database name and type the command to find the table yeah we’ve not the table there are many tables in this case choose any one of the tables which contain has been username I just like that type the command to find the columns hoo-wee.
Not the columns now dump the username and password type the command to dump.

It follow me yes we not the username and password though password is on hash grab it hope you like it if there is any problem comment below I will help you to solve that problem do not forget to subscribe and you can get all commands on the description thanks for watching you.

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