Why I Use Freebsd (part 3): Linux Is A Mess [bsd Userland]

Hey guys I wanted to share another reason why I moved over from Linux to BSD and why a lot of people say that BSD is better than Linux why they prefer it if you go into the forums or the subreddits um you’ll see that people bring up this word user land a lot and they’ll say like it has.

A BSD has a clean user land or a.

Same user land compared to Linux which is a mess well I didn’t really know what that meant to be honest um at first I was using slack where I experimented.

With Arch Linux for a little while and then it moves over to BSD and then I realized what they were talking about and and to explain it in layman’s terms like really simply if you look at your your bin folder for example on BSD you’ll.

See the only commands that you’ll see in there are ones that are very that your system needs your system can’t.

Run without so your LS your CPU make dough move stuff that’s just vital to the operating system and if you look at your s bin folder stuff that is also vital to the running of.

The operating system like kld load for example to.

Load modules and if config for your network if your network interfaces so all the stuff that’s really vital stuff that your system cannot run without are in these folders this is.

Your your your base operating system basically but then if you look in your us our local then fold up everything that you’ve installed all the third-party stuff that you’ve installed from ports packages and so on you’ll find in here like YouTube BL for example but it’s kept separate it’s separated from the base operating system it doesn’t interfere with anything it stays in its own area and same with.c folder it’s um all the config files for for the programs that you’ve installed are in the et Cie in the CTC folder but in your main PTC or Etsy folder you’ll find all your your vitals your vital config files now contrast this with Linux okay I actually have a Linux operating system on an old partition here and an old hard drive and I.

Thought I would just mount it and show you the difference so if I this is an Arch Linux install that I still have this is the filesystem here I’ll have to do this as root but if I look at the bin folder on that drive.

Look at all the stuff that’s in it like if I like pretty much everything everything or every binary is in this folder like compare this to.

The binary for the bin file folder on FreeBSD look at that just a couple of commands in there and then on Arch Linux it’s just full of stuff it’s just a convoluted mess and this is one of the reasons why I moved over from actually from March links to FreeBSD ooh I.

Got a bit of a cold yeah I moved over because it was just such a such a mess everything was um just put everywhere there’s no kind of system and for somebody like me who likes things to be orderly and a little bit OCD I just I like it to be I like the way.

BSD does it and this is what people mean when they say that it’s it’s got a same user land it’s clean things just are where they should be and yeah so that’s.

That’s what they mean guys and and that’s honestly that’s probably the main reason why I moved over in the end all right thanks guys.

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