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I love Bible stories I’ve been in the Old Testament for a little while and just pouring over the stories from from the Old Testament they’re they’re just so fun they’re so fascinating I loved Bible stories because they all they always reveal something about the nature of God and the nature is promises Bible stories are more than historical records.

Intervening in a human problem they are actually to become filters that we use to see our own condition our own life.
Our own circumstances that we face and the reason is because.

They will actually as a filter or a lens a template they actually enable us to see our present problem with.

The God element with the nature of God with his promise in the middle of it and it changes how.

We look at circumstances Bible stories provide that for us they’re supposed to give us a historical record of how.

God works and what he has promised to do for you and me i sta I was uh I was looking at the story of young Samuel his whole birth is the situation of his mom Hannah who could not have children and she.

Cried out to the Lord and I think it was Mario Marella or somebody told us it was it was when her cry for a child equal to God’s cry for a prophet that the two met and Samuel was born and became a prophet of loss tremendous story and sometimes sometimes God allows us to be moved to a place of great internal contention and turmoil to bring about answers it’s not that he can’t answer the easy prayer I said he’s trying to develop something in us strength is.

Formed in us when there is a great passion great zeal great boldness and that happened for me the story is great we’re not going to look at that today but I love the sort of Samuel the phrase it that.

Stands out to me the most talking about saying it says and.

None of words fall to the ground so nothing that he said was empty everything had fully impaired it was full on at full impact and brought the fruit to the Lord that he was expecting Sam but this is about Jehoshaphat.

You for not naming me Jehoshaphat I’m so thankful for that us there’s several names in the Bible that are fine David John Mark you know Peters flying jehosophat’s not one of them Nebuchadnezzar you know you just you you won’t have any friends as a child if.

You’re called never at least not in this country uh Ichabod Ichabod means the glory has departed thanks for not naming me the glory has departed josh josh fat is leading israel leading judah and they have United Nations forgive the pun there but nations who have united to come against the people of God and destroy them and there are so many people.

That I forget now the number but they are so outnumbered it’s embarrassing Jehoshaphat is terrified he’s heard the news he’s.

Heard the rumble of what’s about to happen to him in the people of God and he’s terrified and he seeks the Lord and the Lord gives.

A strategy a plan not a strategy a plan an assignment and when Josh felt leads the people.

Of God in this assignment there’s the most extraordinary miracle this is one of the chapters I have several places I like to read sections of the Bible I took one one time I took oh goodness it was almost ten years where I just read.

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