Spiritual Warfare || The Demonic || Bill Johnson || Bethel

The Gospels over and over and over I’d read that other things but I just was going Gospels gospel is that I just I couldn’t get out of what Jesus was was doing and what he taught in the impact and.

So I like reading sections but I also like recreational reading well I remember a story and I got second chronicles 20 is pretty powerful and this is one of the chapters.

That I will return to there’s one particular verse where he says says and they trusted the prophets and they prospered I.

Like finding those phrases I don’t underline whole verses I underlined phrases I want the verse to stand out to me emphasizing what I saw when it.

Impacted me not just the whole verse and so this phrase they trusted in the prophets and prospered.

I love that phrase well read it in a moment but this is one of those chapters that I will turn to and what I call recreational reading.

And just review the story because.

Impact of God’s direction on the people of God and the impact on the surrounding nations is so profound that I don’t want to lose any details and so I review it when we look at the subject of warfare in Scripture we’re not talking about conflict with another person we’re not talking about you know this nation another nation we’re not talking about you and your neighbor we’re not talking about the conflict between maybe you and a boss that.

You work for coworker or whatever it’s it’s not human centered it’s actually it’s actually centered on a spirit realm that has influence over the thoughts and values of a culture it is so vital that you.

Understand that’s at work otherwise you’ll pick people off as your target and it’s not it’s not people God loves.

People but there are powers at work there persuade people to think through I’ve talked to you about a biblical filter to think through a demonic filter and they have.

As much conviction for what they believe is you do for what you believe but by this because they see through a demonic filter what we’re doing is we’re learning how to engage in the right war in the right battle so that those powers no longer have.

Influence over people’s thinking in lives the the mark of the gospel impacting a person’s life is Liberty not conformity it’s it’s not becoming.

Group where you’re controlled it’s it’s being entrusted with divine insight where God trusts.

You to think for yourself and to make decisions it’s.

There’s the biblical pattern there’s the filter if you will there’s the template that we think through because because it’s vital that we live according to our design when you get rid.
Of the designer in culture you lose any.

Reason for design so this is a story Paul said in Ephesians 6 he says we battle not against flesh and blood our battle is against spiritual.

Powers spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places and he describes an unseen realm that actually influences the thoughts and the values of a culture of the people.

Alright we’re gonna read quite a.

Few verses so please have your Bible open and.

We’ll just kind of dance through.

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