Spiritual Warfare || The Demonic || Bill Johnson || Bethel

This chapter all right beginning with verse 1 2nd chronicles 20 verse 1.

It happened after this that the people of Moab with the people of Ammon and others with them besides the ammonites came to battle against Jehoshaphat then some came and told you Hot Shot saying a great multitude is coming against you from beyond the sea from Syria and they are in hesays on Tamar which is in Getty and Jehoshaphat feared and set himself.

To seek the Lord and proclaim to faster all Judah he set himself to seek the Lord there’s one.

Of the phrases that I that I underlined that I have underlain he set himself to seek.

The Lord say that with me he set himself to see the Lord when I think of setting himself Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem he was going to die and he could not be distracted in this.

Case Josh FET set his face towards the Lord no other distraction no other voice could take him out of his purpose his purpose was in this situation I must seek the face of all right verse 4 Judah gathered.

Together to ask help from the Lord and from all the cities of Judah that came to seek.

The Lord now jump down to verse 7 once again it’s because of one.

Phrase this is a part of joe josh vets prayer are you not our God who drove the inhabitants of this land before your people Israel and gave it to the descendants of Abraham your friend forever how goodness does that mess anybody else up or am I just having a party all by myself Abraham your friend forever is there anyone else in the room that wants to be called God’s friend forever you don’t qualify for that because you sing the song I.

Am a friend of God I’m it’s a great song but that’s not what qualifies you you actually have to spend time let me read it again.

Abraham your friends forever alright verse 12 o our God will you not judge them for we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us nor do we know.

What to do but our eyes are on you guess what phrase I underlined.

Our eyes are upon you see that with me but our eyes are upon you verse 13 now all Judah with their little ones their wives their children stood before the Lord read that verse again all Judah with their little ones their wives their children stood before the Lord there was something in.

Israel’s culture that is not it’s unheard of today it’s just not common they did this same thing in Nehemiah’s day what happened is they actually lost the books of law and when they found them they called a gathering together in Jerusalem in.

The city square and in all the people of God showed up and they’re there the.

The dads are there the moms are there the little ones there the infants are there and they literally stood if I remember right from daybreak from sunrise in the morning until sunset in the evening they stood as a family the entire time hearing the books of law being read it’s an extraordinary story but.

They stood there there was something about having the family together in that discipline of hearing the word of the Lord never under never underestimate the impact.

The Word of God the Spirit of God can have on a child Elizabeth John the Baptist mom is pregnant with John.

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