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Mary the Virgin Mary is pregnant with Jesus Mary goes to see Elizabeth when she walks into the room she greets her says hi and John leaps in the womb for joy and Elizabeth is filled with the spirit all that happened was is an infant here recognized the presence of an infant there that was God we’ve got to restore the.

Discipline in the house of God and I don’t mean I don’t mean discipline.

In a harsh or or you know stupid way I’m just talking about the routines of corporate gathering and the impact of the Spirit of God dear friend of this house we haven’t seen her a number of years now I’ve seen her net results I’ve heard of tompkins wonderful wonderful wonderful woman of God.

Hugh administer here my goodness I’ve never had hurt her ever hit anything but the bullseye inside the bullseye I mean she would just give us bleeding in a really good way and he felt good about it actually she.

Just brought the word so powerfully so purely but I remember her telling us years ago that when she was Co pastoring with her brother Judson Cornwall he believed he was the senior pastor there would be times where the Spirit of.

God would begin to move in the congregation and they would announce to the parents go get your children from the nursery and.

They would go in there gettin the infant’s from the nursery and they would just bring them in into the glory into the presence of.

God it doesn’t matter if they’re crying doesn’t matter what’s going on the point is is you expose them to the realms of God because something in is getting instructed is getting built is their they respond more favorably and more openly to the unseen realm than we do as adults we actually have to return to their.

Likeness to see well so here these these children small kids are standing this time not all day for scriptures being read do you remember when Paul said to Timothy give attention to the public reading of scripture man there’s something there there’s something something many of us removed from our discipline today that that might be important for us to reconsider so this is a the public reading of the books of law or you know anything of that nature this is they all gathered there standing before the lord because.

A prophet is about to speak and their nation is in peril there is a chance if God doesn’t show up they will die so they thought it’d probably be a good idea to come to.

The meeting verse 14 then the Spirit of.

The Lord came upon jahaziel the son of Zechariah go to the last phrase in the midst of the assembly now now please catch this I don’t need to go through the names I.

Them anyway the Spirit of the Lord came upon jahaziel the son of Zechariah the last phrase in the midst of the assembly I know that we have personal relationship with God God has no grandchildren there’s there’s nobody that gets in because of somebody else it’s always personal faith personal commitment personal conversion however there is the exponential effect of the move of God the work of God.

The word of God in a corporate gathering that you don’t have by yourself I don’t mean one-on-one can’t be as powerful the most.

Powerful encounter I’ve ever had with Lord was one-on-one middle-of-the-night changed my life changed everything about my life.

I believe in that but there is something of a consistency in the divine encounter that takes place in a corporate setting that you can’t.

Get anywhere else the Spirit of the Lord came upon this prophet in the midst of the.

Assembly verse 15 listen all of you Judah in you inhabitants of Jerusalem and.

You King Josh that thus says the Lord do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude for the battle is not yours but God I love I love when.

The Lord says do not be afraid I love it and I don’t any time he says.

Don’t be afraid it’s because you have a really good reason to be afraid what I figured out but in in.

The way the the economy of God I’ve got to get better language for this but the economy of God where.

There is transfer of resource says there would be from one account to another in the economy of God the way he resources a life is through speech is through the word is through declaration so whenever God says.

In the words don’t be afraid is the capacity to not be afraid it’s actually in the.

Deposit of his word to the heart so my role is to stay humble and tender to stay responsive because whenever he speaks he will create in me the ability to do what he just commanded me to do and that is the marked difference between law and grace another subject lots of differences but that is one in grace he empowers all right the battle is not yours but gods go down to verse 17 you will not need to fight in this battle position yourself stand still see the salvation of the Lord who is with you Oh.

Judas in Jerusalem do not fear be dismayed tomorrow go out against them for the Lord is with you I think probably the most frustrating part of this walk with the Lord for me is knowing when I’m supposed to stand still and watch him.

Work on my behalf and when I’m supposed to do something I am asked this question all the time when do you know what to do I don’t know if I knew I’d write a book on it I don’t know I’ve got I’ve got one thing figured out though if what I’m doing isn’t working then do the other if I’ve waited and waited and waited and nothing’s happened do something if you’ve been swinging your.

Sword and nothing’s happened shut up and sit out for a while just let’s see if God will show up and working on your behalf but he works one of those two ways it’s actually represented in how we progress in the kingdom these two realities he said unless.

You receive the kingdom as a child what is that that’s the rest position and then he says the violent.

Take it by force referring to advancement in the kingdom that’s the doing something you can’t do them at the same time or your.

Hurt yourself or somebody around you you’ll mess something up because you can’t you can’t do the sit still in the fight at the same.

Time those are the two postures and the Lord will generally lead us into the one that will bring up the greatest strength significance.

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