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Stuff in us that we need in that particular moment there are times where God won’t talk to you as anybody notice it besides me I mean it’s it’s not it’s not punishment it’s not like he’s saying well I just I don’t.

Want to talk to you if I talked about kill him so I’m not talking to this yeah it’s not that it’s not the silent treatment well you see what they did yesterday I’m just not talking I’m just it’s not that he’s not like us when he doesn’t speak.

It’s either because he has already spoken and he’s wanting us to find the word that has already been planted in our history and or he wants to speak to us through someone else why David David seeks the Lord about building a temple God won’t talk to him there’s no record of God give me.

Giving him any word so he goes to Nathan the Prophet Nathan the Prophet gives him the direction why because sometimes it’s more important that he strengthen our connection with one another than strengthen.

Our connection with him directly sometimes it’s a greater importance to him that he strengthened the fact that we are actually members of one another because we have a bent towards independence anyway he wants to speak to me because he wants to edify and strengthen that personal connection to the Father that is his delight to speak to me but there are times where he won’t talk he just won’t talk he will only talk through in this case a prophet sometimes he talks to us through a familiar.

Friend and that’s a big challenge because over-familiarity causes us to unintentionally discount the value of what another person has to say or do the Bible says Jesus.

Was not without honor excuse me a prophet is not without honor except in his hometown so where Jesus grew up they all knew him and he applied this verse to his own context when where he grew up they saw him grow unless Jesus a carpenter’s son and that.

Familiarity made it difficult for them to receive when he stood to read Isaiah 60:1 the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me it was the familiarity they missed the word of the Lord because they already had Jesus in a certain box sometimes he wants to.

Speak to you through somebody that you don’t have a great respect for or value how do I know this there used to be someone here that was odd there’s no odd people here anymore except for me this this this this individual was just just really different and they they just didn’t have yeah they just they just didn’t fit anywhere and they just.

Stirred stuff up they just they just did I would call them word but that wouldn’t be kind so they were just as very different very different and one day this individual came to me with the word of the Lord thankfully I could tell God was talking because had I had to choose whether to listen or not based on the vessel being used.

Nodded my head and gone about my business but she brought up details of of the something happened to me the previous week specific prophetic detail of something God was speaking to me that nobody could have known no one could have known she brought it out very specifically and brought this word to me right standing right back there and I knew when it happened I knew whoever jovis.

Aniki was wanting to see did I value the word of the ward or.

Did I need to be gratified because of the quality of the vessel he chose to use was it because it came from the famous prophet now I feel better about the word or.

Can it come through a familiar friend that I I know so much about that or someone that I know a whole.

Lot about that has issues and yet the.

Lord puts that word in their mouth and my heart is exposed am I here to hear from God or am I here to feel better about myself jump to verse 20 you guys still all right don’t know what I do if he said no but it has happened I’ve had it happen verse 20 they arose early in the morning went out to the wilderness of Toccoa as they went out Josh fat student.

Said hear me o Judah and you.

Inhabitants of Jerusalem believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established believe his prophets and you shall prosper now I remind you they are facing a.

War with insurmountable opposition an army beyond their ability to fight reasonably against and this is the word of the Lord believe.

In God you’ll be established believe in this prophets and you will prosper it didn’t say survive God is not a survival god he’s not a make do god he is the god of extremes extreme breakthrough extreme increase extreme abundance believe in his prophets you will prosper verse 21 we have two more verses verse 21 when he had consulted the people he appointed those.

Who should sing to the Lord who should praise the beauty of his holiness of holiness as they went out before the army and.

We’re saying praise the Lord for His mercy endures forever last verse 22 when they began to sing and to praise the Lord set ambushes against the people.

Of Ammon Moab the Mount Seir who had come against Judah and they were defeated extraordinary story there’s another one.

That I turn to occasionally for recreational reading but it says the Lord says to the people of God sing a new song to the Lord his praise to the ends of the earth at the end of this exhortation it says and the Lord will go forth like a mighty man he will stir up his zeal like a man of war he will cry out yes he will shout aloud he will prevail against his enemies what’s the point this response of praise is not stroking the ego of God so that he’ll work for us.

It is not insecure with his identity looking for somebody that will remind him he’s God there’s something in the unseen realm that where.

There is a connection to the nature of God and the confession or declaration of people there’s something that causes a collision of the realities of two worlds the confession the proclamation the song and the invasion of God to repair a human ailment they work together in tandem in the same ways prayer.

Case the prescription was not to pray it was not to fight it was not to march around a wall this one was to send out a choir and just sing and as they sang notice what they said the.

Beauty of holiness the beauty of holiness was a target do you know why jesus heals people’s body of course it’s his compassion it’s his love for people but think about this their great promise that comes to us in Malachi says that there’s healing in.

His wings there’s healing in his wings and it goes on to say the Sun of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings righteousness healing healing is a physical expression of holiness it doesn’t mean if you.

Have a physical ailment you’re unholy and doomed that’s that’s.

Not the point the point don’t go there go here when jesus heals he’s demonstrating he’s holy he’s demonstrating his purity is demonstrating the righteousness of God and that righteousness was the target the beauty of holiness it’s my personal conviction that all real beauty in the world stems from his personal holiness all beauty in this world.

From creation everything that is beautiful in song in thought with the eyes what we see increased everything has stemmed from this one aspect of God’s own person.

That’s his holiness and they took those things to mind and.

Began to sing and to make declaration old and new Testament alike teach this concept there were to love God with all of our heart soul mind strength strength physical body it’s not okay I just sit.

Nothing it’s they’re supposed to be physical alignment physical response to he is it’s supposed to happen that I stand it’s supposed to happen that I kneel it’s supposed.

To happen that I shout or I raise my hand there’s some sort of a physical.

Response because I’ve got to bring this thing that.

Against the purpose of God bring it into confinement.

God through physical expression it’s important emotionally that I addressed my emotions that are up and down and I hold of those and I give.

Them a direction of focus today we are going to consider the greatness of God there.

It also says mind mind mind I’m supposed to use my intellectual capacity to consider.

His ways come to a conclusion put it into word form and make it a part of a song make it a part of.

A praise that we think through what he did to arrange for you to hear the gospel and we become overwhelmed with his greatness his significance we think through I believe in tongues is a wonderful.

Expression of praise but it’s directly from the spirit to God it’s supposed to at times come through our own brain that has the filter if you will the filter the template of God’s nature revealed in the stories in the miracles and that we join ourselves to those stories we declare His goodness his greatness they did that and it says and.

God in Isaiah passage stirred himself up as a man of war they said I can’t handle it any longer I’ve got to go kick some demons around but I’m.

Just not going to feel good about the day that those aren’t his words those are learning you get the point and Israel brought got a great victory the remainder of the chapter talks about how God made them rejoice before their enemies and they ended up.

You want joy rejoice don’t don’t rejoice because you have joy rejoice to get joy.

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