Remy Ma Reveals Details About Her Upcoming Baby Shower

Are you having a baby shower yes somehow hey it’s going to be rapist Remy’s sock hop and soda shop Oh homemade grease so we know she’s really Martha yeah yeah no yes yes yes planning yeah yeah so I tried to get him out of the way because I wanted to just be all girls that’s why I gave him.

His bachelor party but he’s still trying to creep in on it so I have all the girls coming who.

Think I’m having a girl cuz we don’t know uh-huh hey they wear pink poodle skirt okay okay oh the girls I think is a boy we’re blue poodle skirts and if you have no idea.

You could just wear red or black and then all.

The guys have to be dressed like greases with like the Leben maggots like my.

Favorite foods milkshakes and cheeseburgers shit are you doing in New York yeah we’re gonna zone oh I won’t be able to fly soon so yeah.

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